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2016 Honda Civic Cyber Monday deals, let’s take a look

We find a handful of Honda Dealers advertising Cyber Monday deals. 2016 Civic? let’s take a look.


With Honda’s annual winter sales event “Happy Honda Days” under way, you’d be hard pressed to find additional sales incentive at your local Honda car dealership. Looking to the numbers, we’ve located some measurable discounts on remaining 2015 Civic inventory throughout the U.S..

We find $2,000 or more off MSRP on 2015 Civic

All Honda Dealerships are independently owned, so, model clearance sales, Black Friday and Cyber Monday incentives vary by location. “Happy Honda Days” is a nationwide manufacturer sponsored event, were as, Honda financing underwrites the interest rate charged to buyers with tier-one credit ratings. Example: A 2015 Honda Civic Sedan CVT-LX can be leased for 39 months @ $149 per month with a total out of pocket of $2500.00. due at signing, plus taxes, title and dealer preparation.

Good enough, what about purchase?

Honda does not offer zero interest incentives, "no down payment” or “extended initial payment due” incentives. However, .09% interest rates for short term borrowers,(24 to 60 months) and 1.9% interest charged for up to 72 months, is available to buyers with tier one credit on select models, generally limited to stock on hand. We don’t find any special finance or lease incentives for 2016 Civic.You may read our latest 2016 Civic drive review here.

The 10th generation Civic

Honda’s roll out of 2016 Civic is strategically staged to aid dealers in the reduction and sell-out of 2015 models. There’s no profit in holding last model year inventory. looking to the W.W.W., 2015 Civic is selling down rapidly as 2016 Civic Sedans roll off of the truck.

While we do find a “Happy Honda Days’ incentive for the 2016 Odyssey minivan, that’s it! So, for Cyber Monday, other than a free remote-start key fob offered by this dealer on select Honda’s sold Monday, not much going on for yet another excuse to hold a pre-Christmas sale. Hey, go save some real money on that new laptop, T.V., Cell Phone, that’s what Cyber Monday is all about.