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2016 Honda Accord Coupe’s stunning style screams performance

How does Honda take the best selling midsize in North America to the next level? Step on it!

Honda-Torque News has reviewed 2015 Honda Accord at length. Simply put, we like it for several reasons; styling being one of them. So, how does American Honda Motors take the best looking, highest performing Accord in the company’s history to next level in sales and performance? That’s a good question.

Off to Honda Dream Garage event

So, with bags and camera in hand, Parks jumped a flight from Eugene Oregon to sunny North San Diego, California, for Honda’s much anticipated Honda Dream Garage event. Sitting showcased in the center of arguably the industry's broadest product line, sat the substantially refreshed 2016 Accord sedan and HPD equipped San Marino red sports coupe; absolutely stunning!

Great looking performance coupe

To say that this midsize coupe looks 'badass' sitting under night-time event lighting, is a gross understatement. For 2016, Honda’s made a handful of measurable improvements to its best selling sedan and coupe. Most noticeably of course is an exterior design turn in the direction of 2016 Civic, HR-V and the all new Honda Pilot. Will there be a turbocharged engine for Accord?

New design directive

The design DNA runs strong through the lineup. Many viewers will either love the new look or hate it, as Honda rolls the proverbial dice in a rater bold attempt to increase market share; through cutting-edge design, in this very competitive segment.

Rest assured, while 2016 may be a mid-cycle year for Accord, Honda doesn’t stop at body, dash and rim design when it comes to kicking Accord market appeal and performance up to the next level. However. we’re under article embargo as to sharing technical and first drive impressions until August 10. No worries, we can share a couple of items with you now.

Measurable upgrades

2016 Honda Accord features upgrades as to cellphone connectivity, interior comfort, utility and overall ride comfort. While it’s tough to take a great car, increase standard features, improve the fuel economy, safety features and market appeal; while holding the base price to within a day or two worth of groceries, yet Honda’s done it, and they’ve done it exceptionally well to the benefit of 2016 Honda Accord buyers.

Know that while you’re viewing the images of 2016 Honda Accord sedan and coupe, you are looking at the future in attainable near-premium-comfort and measurable performance; Honda style.

2016 Honda Accord styling hints at performance

For 2016, Honda Accord will return 2015’s engine and transmission options, while increasing fuel economy and improving ride, vehicle appeal and interior utility-configuration. Also, as announced last week by Honda-Torque News, you’ll love Accords personal - auto interface, electronic convenience and standard active safety features. Note ‘standard’ across the lineup. There's much speculation as to a turbocharged Accord in the future, perhaps.

Honda - Torque News will announce dealership availability, pricing, trim variants and technical details for 2016 Honda Accord sedan and coupe, August 10, 2016.