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Honda injects a bit of 'Edgy' into 2016 Accord design

The mature-adult's car in Honda’s lineup just took a turn towards a younger demographic, with an injection of edginess. This isn’t your grandmother’s Honda Accord.


As to Honda’s substantial exterior design refresh of 2016 Accord: Either you’re going to love it or hate it! Gone is the soft organic body line of Accord past; replaced with an edgier futuristic look of 19 inch machine cut rims, monochrome finishes, wide fender flairs and exaggerated faux air intake cowlings. Why has Honda taken Accord in the design direction of Honda Si and Acura ILX?

2016_Accord_Rear_DeckWhile 2016 Honda Accord is not Darth Vader’s next ride of choice, it just moved up on the list

Historically, Accord has served well for decades as Honda’s sedan flagship. Catering to the mid 40s and up crowd, Accord has provided a stepping stone for the 40 and 50 somethings into the premium midsize or fullsize sedan segment. Frankly, I’m not so sure as to where Honda is targeting the latest rendition of the best selling (non fleet sales) 4 door sedan in North America. I've yet to meet a 30 year old longing to drive Honda Accord at any trim level.

Ease of cell phone connectivity, dual screen center stack, hey, is it comfy, how does it drive?


Well ‘someone’ said that “ 60 is the new 40,” perhaps the edgier 2016 Honda Accord is targeting that demographic. At any rate, beyond the greater cellphone connectivity, advanced active safety features, and the stellar digital lighting upgrades, I believe that Honda has taken a bit of a marketing gamble here, by taking Accord design in a sports-sedan direction; not necessarily what Accord buyers of the past have looked for in Honda’s flagship sedan.

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