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GMC And Hummer Team Up For All-In Documentary On Hummer EV

Ever wondered what happened when the Hummer EV was being developed and tested? With the Hummer EV just now beginning to roll out into dealerships, GMC and A+E networks have released a new documentary highlighting the early years of Hummer development and what led to one of the most revolutionary EV offerings ever made.

Documentary To Debut On History Channel's Drive Block
Hummer EV design sketch

The documentary which is titled "Revolution GMC Hummer EV" will make its inaugural debut on March 27th on the History Channel during its automotive-focused DRIVE block. The 60-minute film chronicles every angle of the Hummer's development process and highlights key milestones for the truck including the testing phase all the way up to the first production models leaving the Factory Zero plant in Hamtramck, Michigan.

Our goal was to upend what an electric vehicle is capable of and push the boundaries of 100 years of vehicle development experience revealed Josh Tavel executive chief engineer. This documentary captures the soul of a team capable of incredible innovation and resilience. Their learnings are laying the foundation of vehicle development for decades to come.

All-Access Look Shines Light On The Finer Details
Hummer Revolution filimg still

The documentary stands out for the impressive levels of access that the filmmakers were allowed to document every stage of development with the team not only gaming the opportunity to visit some of the design studios deep in the bowels of GM's Warren Tech Center but also testing runs with the Hummer team as well as interviews with key players in the Hummer EV story.

In addition to the truck, the documentary also shines a light on Factory Zero and the incredible steps that were taken to transform an aging facility once slated for closure, into a state of the art electric vehicle production plant that will play a key role in GM's push towards being an all-electric vehicle company.

“The story we discovered while filming was far more fascinating than anything we could have hoped for,” said O’Grady. “We witnessed a bold and passionate team bring GM’s first major entry into this extraordinary transformation of the auto industry. This was an incredible opportunity to go deep behind the scenes of the development process to discover what it takes to bring a vehicle to life, and to capture this moment in automotive history as it happened.”

After the documentary premieres on the History channel, there will be an encore presentation on sister network FYI with the film also being available for streaming on History's Hulu channel and website, as well as GMC's own Youtube channel on April 3rd.

Photo/Video Credit: GMC

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