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The Yoke Steering Wheel Tesla Should Have Made: Yoke Swap on Model 3

This is the yoke steering wheel that Tesla should have made.

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Tesla Yoke Steering Wheel: Installation

There is a new yoke steering wheel that Tesla should have used to begin with. It's not the same as the yoke steering wheel Tesla has for the Model S and Model X. There are a lot of cheap after market yokes available, but this one has everything Tesla should have used for its yoke.

It has a die-cast aluminum frame and a heating element. The main thing about it is that the button are in a better position and are not as easily accidentally pressed.

Kim took off the steering wheel on her Model 3, and you could see all the electronics inside the steering wheel area that control it. She took out a screw in the middle after undoing some wires and was easily able to take the steering wheel off. One giant bolt is what holds the steering wheel in place.

Some of the old pieces on the old steering wheel were transferred out and put into the new yoke. There was a connector piece that is needed in the new yoke steering wheel in order to connect to the various functions, like the horn, for the Tesla Model 3.

After some more connecting and modifications, the new yoke was put on and then a centerpiece was hooked in with the Tesla logo on it.

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The Yoke Steering Wheel It Should Have Made

The yoke makes the visibility of the Tesla Model 3 very nice. Kim also has a small screen above the yoke that makes it easy to see additional information directly ahead of you while driving.

The sides of the yoke are nice with a comfortable material. Kim's husband liked it because the bottom was wider than the yoke on the Model S and Model X. He can use his knees to drive in the moments he needs to.

The grip of the side of the new yoke is much more firm and easy to hold. He liked the wide open view and visibility over the top of the yoke.

He forgot he was driving a Model 3. Her husband likes having the stock with the horn in the middle and the yoke still. It includes the stalk on the left for turning, which is easier than using the buttons on Tesla's current yoke.

All in all, it looks like a nice yoke steering wheel. The yoke retails for about $549.95. Would you get this new yoke steering wheel?

You can see more information here in this video from Kim Java:

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