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What is the Sequel Elon Musk is Talking About?

Elon Musk Tweeted recently that we should just skip the video games and movies and go straight to the sequel. What does he mean by this?

Elon Musk and cryptic messages

Elon Musk is known for posting cryptic messages on Twitter. Or changing his profile picture to something different. Every time he does this, there is a reason. It's not random. Earlier in the year, when he was Tweeting about Bitcoin, it was because Tesla was buying Bitcoin. When he Tweeted for Giga Berlin suppliers to please accelerate, it was because Giga Berlin was getting ready to produce cars.

Now we have a message about a sequel and to understand what this means, let's take a look at some upcoming releases for Tesla.

FSD version 9.0

Level 5 full self-driving hasn't happened yet, but Tesla's release of its pure vision only, version 9.0, of its full self-driving will be a major update. Elon mentioned that the update should happen before the end of June and because this date is coming soon, could Elon be referring to this?

Giga Berlin

Elon could be referring to the next generation Giga factory in Berlin and be saying this because of having to go through regulatory hoops and wanting to just be done with that and have the factory up and running and producing cars.

CyberTruck in Austin, TX

Elon could be referring to the CyberTruck, which is a next generation vehicle that will be produced in Austin, TX. Since the Tesla Model S Plaid was just released, Elon could already be thinking about the next version of its vehicles to be released and the CyberTruck is one of those vehicles.

Production of the Tesla Roadster

Elon could be talking about the Tesla Roadster. This is another vehicle Tesla is set to produce in the future and will have even more impressive capabilities than the Model S Plaid. Could Elon be referring to this?

A short squeese for Tesla

Elon could be reffering to the suppressed price of Tesla stock. Since its all-time highs in February, Tesla has been down and flat from a price standpoint. Or, could Elon be reffering to some upcoming advancements that will greatly boost Tesla stock, like potential upcoming tax credits?

We will have to wait and see what the answer to this is. But these are just a few of my ideas. What do you think Elon's Tweet referring to a sequel means? Was he just randomly Tweeting and there is no meaning to it?

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Jeremy Johnson is a Tesla investor and supporter. He first invested in Tesla in 2017 after years of following Elon Musk and admiring his work ethic and intelligence. Since then, he's become a Tesla bull, covering anything about Tesla he can find, while also dabbling in other electric vehicle companies. Jeremy covers Tesla developments at Torque News. You can follow him on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram to stay in touch and follow his Tesla news coverage on Torque News.


Mike E Clark (not verified)    June 26, 2021 - 2:38PM

Elon Musk tweets are "random" the way David Lynch is "random". Only to the casual observer. Everything these guys do that seems bizarre is only done in that fashion to obscure the true intention and purpose.

No way of knowing the true intention of this tweet of you aren't the target audience, but since sequel literally means result/consequence. I suspect the author of this article is correct in assuming some form of internal communication with one or more of Musk's teams suggesting some project is ready to go. Further modeling, analysis, and projecting is counter-productive.