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Tesla Model 3 and Ford Bronco - A Surprising Comparison

A video shows a comparison between a Ford Bronco and a Tesla Model 3. It has some surprising things in it.


Tesla Model 3

There is a video about a Tesla Model 3 and a Ford Bronco. The creator of the video wanted to make this video because he was looking to buy a vehicle. He wanted a rugged off-road video. He put down an order for a Ford Bronco and the wait time was a year.

He then looked at other vehicles and put down a deposit on a Model 3. 6 months later, both vehicles were delivered and he had to test both and decide which to keep. He got a 2023 Model 3 with midnight silver. He tinted the side windows, windshield, and added PPF to the front. It's a purely camera based EV. The car has the aero covers.

He didn't like the doors on the Tesla Model 3. The car was solid in terms of production, but when it comes time to open the door, you have to put some force into it. Sometimes the doors don't close properly and you have to use some force. The car came with no issues in paint, panel gaps, or creaks.

Compared to the Ford Bronco, the Tesla Model 3 doesn't have as much space, but still has pretty good space. The exterior of the Model 3 is great. Inside the cabin of the Model 3, he likes that the car is futuristic. It's super sleek and simple. The wheel is low to the ground and feels like it's a go-cart in a fun way.

He likes the touch screen and feels low to the ground. It feels like you are low to the ground. The cabin area is quiet - surprisingly quiet. Tesla made the cabin quiet. It's a luxury experience driving a Model 3. He likes the connectivity and having the phone as a key.

One thing he doesn't like is trying to close the door. The half-closing of the door is annoying. The indicator stalk is too stiff compared to the Ford Bronco. It takes a little too much effort. That's about it for the Model 3. It's a great car and driving experience.

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Ford Bronco

The Ford Bronco he got is the 2022 Ford Bronco. It has 32 inch stalk tires and is all-terrain. He likes it because it looks cool. It's kind of like a jeep, but a little different. He got the black diamond edition. It has 1 feature that is great.

There are drain plugs in the black diamond on the floor of the vehicle. When you have a lot of salt, dirt, hair, etc..., you can hose it down and it will go down the drain plug on the floor of the car.

He has no plans to tint or modify the Ford Bronco, but might do some tinting. He added an antenna to the Ford Bronco. The trunk opens from the left and to the side. It can open to about 120 degrees. The trunk door is heavy. He doesn't like the second window above the trunk that you can also open.

The trunk space is huge in the Ford Bronco and is much more roomy. You have so much space and can even lie down flat (if you're not too tall). There is a little storage space beneath the floor of the trunk and another floor drain.

He likes how you open the fuel tank. There's no fuel cap. You just put in the gas nozzle and fuel it up. When you open the doors of the Ford Bronco, there is some wobbling of the window. Compared to the Tesla, it's a 2 step situation. The Tesla door opens and the window goes down a little and then you open it. It makes more sense in the Tesla.

The cabin in the Ford Bronco is very rugged and you sit high up. There are a lot of quick access buttons. They are very tactile and you feel them as you use them. It's not just a touch screen.

However, the center touch screen in the Ford Bronco is small and terrible. It takes way too long to connect your phone to. There are no vibrations or any issues while driving with the steering wheel. However, the steering wheel has a slick area at the bottom and your hand could slip.

The driving experience of the Ford Bronco is nice experience. You feel in control of the vehicle. The black diamond trim is nice and the inside trim of the vehicle is similar to the vegan leather of the Tesla Model 3. There is also a plaque with the Ford Bronco on the front.

He's been driving these two vehicles for about a month to get a feel for them and he has to make a decision. He is going to choose the Model 3. The winter is nice for the Ford Bronco, but all the other months, the Model 3 is better. He likes the futuristic Tesla Model 3.

I really like the floor drains in the Ford Bronco - that really surprised me and I think that Tesla should follow suit with this. The Ford Bronco also had a louder cabin compared to the Model 3 - that was surprising.

Which of these vehicles would you get - the Ford Bronco or the Tesla Model 3?

For more information, see this video from LaterClips:

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