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Tesla Made a Mistake - The Cybertruck Range Extender Should Have Gone Underneath the Truck Bed

Tesla doesn't often make mistakes, but it made a mistake in this case. Its Cybertruck range extender currently goes on top of the truck bed against the main cabin of the truck. Instead, it should have gone in the compartment underneath the truck bed.

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Tesla's Big Mistake

Tesla made a big mistake with the Cybertruck, even though just about everything else is amazing.

The Cybertruck has incredible 4 wheel-steering called "steer-by-wire" that allows all 4 wheels to turn at once, which is useful in tight situations where a sharp turn are needed.

The Cybertruck has an incredible, bulletproof steeled exoskeleton that has been shown to stop bullets, making it an incredible police car.

It was even shown on a CGI video where Tesla Bots were testing the bulletproof steeled exoskeleton. Elon Musk believes that next year, in 2024, that this could be an actual demonstration.

The Cybertruck comes with so many things that are done right, however, the two biggest disappointment for people are probably the specs: higher than expected prices, lower than expected range, and this one other thing.

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Tesla Messed Up on the Range Extender Location

The Cybertruck comes with a range extender that can increase the range of the Cybertruck up to 470 miles for the dual-motor variant, and 440 miles for the Cyberbeast.

This range extender is a great idea, because it allows using the add-on instead of going over the price to qualify for the $7,500 tax credit in the U.S., although, because it is an add-on, it may not affect the overall price qualifying for the tax credit.

If someone needs to haul things up a mountain or go on a long road trip, the range extender makes a lot of sense.

Even so, the location of the range extender doesn't make a lot of sense. It takes up about 1/3 of the truck bed and eats up space that could be used for hauling things in the back.

Instead, the Cybertruck range extender should have been able to be placed in the compartment storage underneath the truck bed. This puts it out of sight and out of mind for those who want it permanently, and for those using it temporarily, it's still out of the way.

Tesla might retrofit future Cybertrucks to do this, as I think the feedback on this is a no-brainer. I'm hoping Tesla is listening and that they allow a range extender to go underneath the truck bed in the additional storage there.

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What do you think about Tesla having the range extender go underneath the truck bed? Is this a good idea?

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Hi! I'm Jeremy Noel Johnson, and I am a Tesla investor and supporter and own a 2022 Model 3 RWD EV and I don't have range anxiety :). I enjoy bringing you breaking Tesla news as well as anything about Tesla or other EV companies I can find, like Aptera. Other interests of mine are AI, Tesla Energy and the Tesla Bot! You can follow me on X.COM or LinkedIn to stay in touch and follow my Tesla and EV news coverage.

Image Credit, Marques Brownlee, Screenshot

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Duke Woolworth (not verified)    December 2, 2023 - 3:39PM

For something thunk up in a middle school study hall, this vehicle has some interesting ideas, some obviously added too late for proper integration or wrong in the first place. The extra battery's one. Another is the greenhouse glass. If it can't be breached from outside, how can passengers get out while their ride is sinking?

Bill (not verified)    December 2, 2023 - 4:43PM

I support the range extender going in the back compartment under the bed 100%, even if it means the weight is a little further from the center of the truck, but it would also be a lower center of gravity which is good. I am also thinking if Tesla has line of sight on 20% improvement in their Gen 3 (4?) cyber cell batteries in a year or two, then the range extender could also maybe be half as big, in which case it might be more palatable in the truck bed or vault. But I would still prefer it in the compartment under the bed. Great idea!

PeterPet (not verified)    December 3, 2023 - 7:43AM

The storage compartment may be too small for three range extender, also it would change the weight distribution and this affect driving dynamics

gavron (not verified)    December 3, 2023 - 3:16PM

Tesla does what Musk wants and he's a nazi lying asshole.

The $30K truck that goes 500 miles is a $70K truck that goes 230 miles.

Who cares where they store "extra batteries" or how far up they make the bed.

They have made their bed. They will lie in it.

Jeff (not verified)    December 3, 2023 - 5:55PM

For the extender, a battery pack of that size will probably weigh at least 500 lbs. You'd want to distribute that weight as close to the center of the vehicle as possible to preserve handling and safety. Putting all that weight at the extreme rear of the vehicle where the sub trunk is would probably be problematic.

B (not verified)    December 3, 2023 - 6:46PM

They didn't make a mistake at all. It's called weight distribution and it's very important in motor vehicles. These battery units are VERY heavy.

Josue Mendoza (not verified)    December 3, 2023 - 8:50PM

Speaking from a structural engineering standpoint, the reason for its placement is weight distribution. Placing it in the cargo space would put more weight on the rear tires causing them to wear out faster. Not a mechanical engineer.

asdf sdf (not verified)    December 4, 2023 - 9:46AM

isn't that compartment meant for the spare tire? That's pretty important regardless of range extender. I guess maybe they could have a "second range extender" option that you can throw in that compartment if you don't carry the spare tire and need another range boost.

Injulen (not verified)    December 4, 2023 - 9:55AM

I've heard speculation that the reason the range extending pack can't go in that storage area is simply due to crash safety.

The batteries are supposed to be inside the wheel base, between the axles.

Also that storage space looks smaller than 1/3 of the bed space so I don't think a range extender of that size would fit in there.

Phil (not verified)    December 5, 2023 - 6:44PM

Having the extender further rear affects steering I'd think. Plus perhaps load balance with that extra weight rear of the rear axle/motor. I'm no engineer, but I'd guess Tesla thought of that too. What's that extender weigh? 600 - 700 lbs?

JP (not verified)    December 8, 2023 - 6:44PM

First of all do you really think Tesla wouldn't have put the extra battery there if it would have fit?
Second of all it's beyond obvious that the space under the bed is a small fraction of the size of the extra pack they came up with, they need all the volume they can get to provide anything remotely close to the 500 miles of range they initially promised. Even with the huge additional pack taking up over 1/3 of the bed they couldn't hit 500 miles of range. The space under the bed would have barely been good enough for an extra 50 miles of range.