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Charging a Tesla at a Luxury Mercedes-Benz Charging Station in America: Up to 500 kWh Charging

In the first of its kind, a luxury charging station for Mercedes-Benz in the U.S. offers up to 500 kWh charging and a host of luxuries. A Tesla owner takes their car there to charge.

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Luxury Charging Station for Mercedes-Benz

In Sandy Springs, GA (just outside Atlanta), there is a luxury charging station from Mercedez-Benz. Its the first of its kind and this Tesla owner brought her Tesla there to charge it and experience the new charging station.

Kim Java brought her CCS charging adapter, which she bought from Tesla. She needs this to charge at this station as they use the CCS adapter.

The chargers use ChargePoint and get up to 400 kW and eventually will get up to 500 kW. This is even faster than the new V4 Superchargers from Tesla.

When you pull up to a Tesla charger, you don't know how far along someone is at the charger. These charging stations have a nice interface that is easily visible from a distance showing a bar of how far along someone is in their charging.

Mercedes-Benz plans on building 100 of these across the U.S. and the cost to charge here is about 50 cents per kWh, which seems kind of high.

Kim was able to put her adapter on the charger and the cables are really long and heavy. She was able to reach all the way around to her Model S and the cable even stretched with a swivel arm at the top allowing for more movement.

In order to put in her payment, she had to swipe her phone in front of the station with the ChargePoint app running. It took her a few tries, and she finally got it working.

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More Features of the Mercedex-Benz Charging Hub

Tesla definitely makes charging easier than this as you simply plug in with a Tesla. Kim started at 57%, and she would need to be lower to get a maximum speed. She topped around 88 kW at 300 miles an hour.

You will be able to reserve your stall to charge and once you start charging, the light turns from green to blue. The charging indicators, as mentioned earlier, are 15 feet tall and visible from the street. They have a vertical bar showing the state of charge of the station.

Another Tesla owner drove up and was wanting to charge, and Kim loaned her CCS adapter to the man to charge what looked like a Model 3 RWD.

The design elements of this luxury charging station are top-notch, and even the trash cans have the wing doors.

There's also a dedicated charging station for vans or large trucks that need to tow a trailer.

There is a roof above the charging station with solar panels, so all the energy that is being used to charge is clean.

Kim went in a luxury lounge with fancy vending machines including food and drink. The user interface on them is easy and intuitive.

Kim doesn't have a Mercedes, so she doesn't get notified when her car is done charging. However, she can see in the Tesla app when her car is done, and it finished at 80%.

The restrooms are in the back of the charging station and there is a sensor where you can wave your hand to enter.

Everything was unlocked, and it seems like you should get a code in order to get into things like the bathroom and lounge.

The cables doing the charging were warm to the touch. When Kim used the V4 Tesla Superchargers, which are immersion cooled, they were cool to the touch, showing their better efficiency at cooling.

Kim retrieved her CCS adapter from the man who borrowed it. There is some confusion about what charger you need to charge at other charging stations. You can buy the CCS charging adapter from Tesla and you need this for most 3rd party charging stations that aren't Tesla until stations start getting built with the NACS charging standard.

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What do you think about this luxury charging station from Mercedes-Benz? Would you charge your Tesla here?

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Image Credit, Kim Java, Screenshot

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