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Tesla Superchargers -VS- CCS Charging Stations: The Differences

Out of Spec shares his experience and review of Tesla Superchargers against CCS charging stations.

CCS Charging Stations

Out of Spec Reviews is sharing his findings of CCS charging compared to Tesla Supercharging. I also have some of my own experience, I'll share on this.

In Arizona, there is a distinction being made between charging, which is an issue for the United States and North America - it hasn't caught up to the specs of EVs.

There is an Electrify America charging station that is being used in Arizona, and he has a Lucid Air which is being charged at this station. This station wasn't very big compared to some of the large Tesla Supercharger stations I've seen.

For most people who charge at home, it won't matter too much, especially if you never do a road trip - it probably won't matter what kind of car you have. In certain parts of the country, CCS chargers are more numerous or populated.

Buying an EV is currently tied to the charging stations you can use. If there aren't numerous CCS chargers and that's all you have, it makes it difficult to charge. Tesla Superchargers are working to change that with a "magic dock" that lets you use a CCS adapter.

One of the Electrify America chargers was offline, unfortunately, and this is one of the big problems with other charging networks besides Tesla - there are still issues with the charger being down or not working properly.

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Tesla Superchargers

Tesla charging used to be difficult in the beginning, but have done things to combat the problems. They continue to upgrade their chargers and have made them more reliable.

Having a Tesla EV is an advantage when using the Supercharger network because you can get real time data on if you can make it to the next charger or not for your road trip. Out of Spec took their Lucid Air to a Tesla Supercharger. There were some slower, 72 kW mobile chargers near the station that they pulled up to.

There was one Tesla Supercharger that was down, but it was obvious because the lights were off on it. At the Tesla Supercharger location, there were 32 charging stalls for 250 kW. Already, this location is much larger and the majority of the stations are on.

During peak travel times, most of these 32 stalls are being used. Tesla has future proofed this location for the next few years by building so many stalls. It also made them in a convenient location next to some stores.

Tesla is also going to build an 88 Supercharger stall station near this location as well, in order to be ready for travelers who like to go through this location. Tesla is also, again, using the "magic dock" to allow for CCS charging.

Tesla is still in the lead with charging, and it's not even close. Most of the time they are faster, more numerous, and more reliable.

For more information, see this video from Out of Spec Reviews:

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