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Tesla Model Y Leaves Two Jeeps In the Dust In Superior Off-Roading Display At Sand Dunes

There is a video going around of a Tesla Model Y racing up a sand dune, where it handily beats two jeeps to the top and "leaves them in the dust".

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Tesla Model Y Wins Sand Dune Off-Roading Race Against Two Jeeps

Most of the attention lately has been on the Tesla Cybertruck, and for good reason. It is going to release in 5 days and I can't wait for the delivery event and to tell you all about everything that happens there. Here's what I think the prices will be for each motor variant (single, dual, and tri).

In the meantime, there are still other developments happening with Tesla vehicles, including this display of high performance and off-roading capability by the Tesla Model Y on the sand dunes, where it leaves two Jeeps "in the dust".

In the video, the three vehicles (Model Y and two jeeps) start racing up the hill, and it looks like it is going to be a very close race. However, the Model Y quickly pulls far ahead and makes it to the top of the sand dune before the two Jeeps.

And by quickly pull ahead, I mean it zipped so fast that the other two jeeps were out of camera view when the Model Y made it to the top of the sand dune hill. This could have been a performance Model Y and that is an unreal vehicle.

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Tesla Vehicles Are Highly Performant

Tesla vehicles are highly performant vehicles, and this includes the Model Y, which is an SUV. Prices of the Model Y have continued to go up in China, signaling strong demand and desire for this vehicle.

There have been many races videos of Tesla vehicles against other cars. One in particular that I can recall had a Tesla Model S Plaid racing against a "souped up" Chevy Camaro. The Camaro one, but it had extensive modifications done to it and barely one. It was quite an enjoyable race to watch.

The least expensive and base Model Tesla that I own, the Tesla Model 3 RWD, is still a high performant car. Being able to go 0 to 60 mph in 5.8 seconds is nothing to sneeze at.

The class of cars that can go 0 to 60 mph in under 6 seconds include Ferrari, Bugatti, and Porsche. It's not bad for the Tesla Model 3 RWD at under $40,000 base price to be able to do that - not bad at all!

I'll be sure to update if I find out what kind of Model Y was racing on the sand dunes in this video. In the meantime, please stay tuned for more breaking Tesla news!

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What do you think about the Tesla Model Y here winning this race up a sand dune hill? Is the Model Y a superior off-roading vehicle, compared to Jeeps?

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Image Credit, ChargeGo, Screenshot

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