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Wooden Tesla Cybertruck Built In Just 100 Days - And It Is Drivable

Someone built a wooden Cybertruck in just 100 days - and it is drivable.

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Wooden Cybertruck Built In 100 Days

A man built a wooden Tesla Cybertruck in just 100 days. This Cybertruck looks just like a regular Cybertruck, except it is made out of wood. There is also a wooden Cyberquad for kids in the back, and that is also made out of wood.

When looking at the video showing the timeline of the construction of this wooden Cybertruck, it's important to note that a metal frame was used as the base of the Cybertruck and the reason for that is likely that a completely wooden vehicle wouldn't stand up to driving at all.

Did you know that the Cybertruck steel exoskeleton is bulletproof, and Elon Musk and Tesla will be demonstrating this at the upcoming Cybertruck delivery event on November 30th?

The wood was then nailed in and constructed against the metal frame. Wood was also placed in the wheel covers to give a wooden look to the wheels.

Wooden seats and a wooden center console were placed in the Cybertruck as well. A wooden steering wheel is used to drive it and when you see the finished product, the truck bed opens and a wooden Cyberquad for kids comes out of the truck.

This is a pretty impressive feat of engineering.

Other wooden vehicles types are made and can be seen from the post on X, including a rolls-royce phantom made out of wood.

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Here Comes the Cybertruck

This post on for the wooden Cybertruck generated 2.6 million views in its first 24 hours. This goes to show just how viral the Cybertruck is becoming.

In fact, Tesla show rooms all across the U.S. are getting packed with people wanting to get a glimpse of the Cybertruck.

Of course, these people aren't allowed in the Cybertruck or else they might be able to use the UI to figure out the range or specs, and Tesla is keeping that as quiet as possible.

It turns out that this Cybertruck was built by Mr. Truong Van Dao, who lives in Bac Ninh Vietnam and he and his team spent 100 days completing the project to build the wooden Cybertruck.

As stated earlier, wood generally isn't used for a vehicle, however, a small single-seater or scooter could potentially be wood - but it would still have a difficult time dealing with the elements, especially heavy rain or snow.

The wood adds a nice aesthetic appeal, however, and this is the only wooden Cybertruck I've seen built so far.

Be sure to stay tuned for more up-to-date Tesla news as the Cybertruck delivery event is about to happen next week!

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What do you think about this wooden Cybertruck - would you try and build one and drive it?

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Image Credit, Figen, Screenshot

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