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Elon Musk Says, "We Could Probably Make This Real Next Year" For Tesla Bot Doing Bulletproof Testing On Cybertruck

In a CGI video showing multiple Tesla bots, the Tesla bots can be seen doing bulletproof testing on the Cybertruck. After the firing test, a Tesla Bot exits the truck and says, "I'm alive" showing the bulletproof steel exoskeleton safety.

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Cybertruck Bulletproof Testing By Tesla Bots

The Cybertruck is all the rage these days, with multiple updates about it. There are armored accessories and a 2.5 inch suspension raise from a 3rd party company.

These accessories as well as the stainless steel exoskeleton on the Cybertruck promise to turn the Cybertruck into an armored vehicle useful for police forces.

Some people have been disappointed at the specs of the Cybertruck, wondering where the 500 range version is. This disappointment is stemmed somewhat by the extra battery pack, which is a range extender, upping the range to up to 470 miles.

The good news is that compared to a Rivian R1T, the Cybertruck comes ahead on most metrics and wins when it comes to towing.

The Cybertruck single motor version is just over $60,000 and will come out in 2025. That's a bit higher than the price revealed 4 years ago at $39,000. However, one has to consider inflation and the even higher increases that pickup trucks in general have experienced.

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Using Tesla Bots to Bulletproof the Cybertruck

Using a Tesla Bot to bulletproof test the Cybertruck is not something that I think anyone thought of until there was a CGI video demonstration done from the Tesla Motors Community. You can watch their CGI video below.

The video itself is made by the VFX art team SOKRISPYMEDIA and is CGI and not real, according to Community Notes on

In the video, one Tesla Bot can be seen handing the Tommy Gun to another Tesla Bot to do the same demonstration of firing bullets into the stainless steel exoskeleton of the Cybertruck.

The Cybertruck made the Tesla backup and reverse sound while getting into position for the firing test. It was being driven by a Tesla Bot.

After one Tesla Bot fired at the Cybertruck and emptied the clip, the driver Tesla Bot emerged from the Tesla Cybertruck to say that it is alive.

Elon Musk, who has had a lot to say recently, chimed in on this video and said, "We could probably make this real next year."

Due to the popularity of this video - over 6.2 million views, I would be willing to bet that Elon Musk will arrange to have this demonstration done.

He'll have to be careful though because having Tesla Bots actually shoot guns might have some worried about the safety of the Tesla Bot.

However, in my opinion, Elon Musk and Tesla will have very strict safety protocols on the Tesla Bot that prevent it from doing harm to any human, animal, or structure, unless explicitly programmed for a demonstration like bulletproof testing the Cybertruck.

There's quite a number of people who would like to see this demonstration done, including myself.

DrKnowItAll says, "Please do. Talk about an epic shoot out!"

Zack says, "I volunteer my truck for the test."

Tesla has made great progress with the Tesla Bot - earlier in the year, it could be seen doing yoga poses, so I think it's a real possibility that Tesla can pull this bulletproof demonstration off. Let's wait and see if Tesla has a Tesla Bot announcement next year.

I also think that the Tesla Bot will be one of two AGI machines that Tesla creates - the other being the Tesla talking car.

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What do you think of this CGI video of Tesla Bots doing bulletproof testing on the Cybertruck? Will Tesla make this a reality next year?

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Image Credit, Tesla Motors Community, Screenshot

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