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Is the Tesla Humanoid Robot Already Helping Tesla Build Its Cars?

There are some who think that the Tesla humanoid robot is already helping Tesla build its vehicles.

The Tesla Bot

There are a couple of people who think that the Tesla Bot could be or will soon be helping Tesla build its vehicles. The Optimus humanoid robot is a new development by Tesla and its purpose is to do boring, dangerous, and repetitive tasks.

According to Scott Walter, who had a good conversation with the Tesla YouTuber, Dr. Know-it-all knows it all, the Optimus humanoid robot is going to obliterate the factory floor landscape.

The reason he thinks this is going to happen is that if you give an engineer or some artist something to work with, they will surprise you with results that you did not expect. One case is mobile robots that revolutionized the Amazon warehouse.

The Optimus humanoid robot is a new tool for factory designers. You might think that the Tesla Bot will simply do the work of one person in a one to one ratio. However, more is going to happen than that.

The Tesla Bot is going to cause people to rethink the entire factory and the space will be greatly changed. Because a robot doesn't need a wide open space and will work tirelessly, space and processes will be reduced or eliminated.

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Helping Build Tesla Cars

Jeff gives the example of the Tesla Shanghai speed video to show how crazy the status quo is for building a vehicle. You have a human operator that loads parts into a pre-feeder that then feeds a robot. That robot finally feeds that part to a robot production cell, where the actual work is being done. There are a lot of tedious processes.

It's kind of like a bucket brigade, where you have many people passing water buckets across an area of land in order to try and put out a fire. It's a lot of slow and unnecessary work when you could just make a giant hose or invent some new process that doesn't require tons of people to do that.

Safety is another reason that the Tesla Bot will soon, if not already, be helping make Tesla vehicles. There are areas of production that are very dangerous for a human that require a human to wear an environmental suit - like a paint shop. That's just one example.

The Tesla Bot can work in harmony with all other industrial robots, and it won't be in danger because the only risk is losing the robot, and human life is much more important than a robot. I also think great care will be taken not to lose the robots either, as they will be expensive to make at first.

At first, I see the Tesla Bot carrying things around. Then it will plug things in. Then it will start to put things together. Then it will start to do more complex work than that, such as assembly. The more Tesla Bots there are working in harmony, the better, as they can all be given instructions by a software program - much more efficient than humans trying to do all the dangerous manufacturing work.

Do you think Tesla Bot will be helping Tesla make their cars soon - or already is it doing it?

This video from Dr. Know-it-all Knows it all showcases and talks about this in much more depth:

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Image Credit, Scott Walter, Screenshot