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Cybertruck Delivery Event - Everything You Need To Know: Exclusive Details Revealed: Range, Performance, Specs, and More

The Cybertruck delivery event finished, and we have the most breaking and exclusive details from the event here to share. It includes the Cybertruck beating a Porsche 911 in a race - while towing a Porsche 911.

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Cybertruck Delivery Event - Everything You Need To Know

The message at the beginning of the Cybertruck delivery event was: The future should look like the future.

The live event kicked off with videos of the Cybertruck driving in all sorts of different terrains like water, sand, snow, and rough rocks, handling it well. Tesla then went on to show the assembly of the cold rolled stainless steel exoskeleton.

The event kicked off at the very end of the assembly line with Elon Musk getting out of a Cybertruck, just like I predicted.

Elon Musk gets out of Cybertruck

Elon Musk said that a special and unusual product comes along once every 5 to 10 years. He said we will all remember those special moments of those products. He described this product as seemingly impossible - even from "experts".

Elon Musk is aiming for something that is more "truck" than truck and a better "sports car" than a sports car, all in the same package.

One Tough Truck

How tough is the Cybertruck? Elon Musk shared about the stainless steel exoskeleton that is specially designed by Tesla. This metal did not exist until Tesla invented it. It couldn't have corrosion, and it wouldn't need paint, and it could be manufactured in volume.

Elon Musk talked about the incident 4 years ago where the windows shattered with a steel ball and said they should try it again. The steel ball simply bounced off the Cybertruck window this time without shattering it. The glass is tough.

Rock Proof Glass

You don't have to worry about rocks hitting the glass and cracking it. The glass is rock proof and makes the car very quiet. It's a very smooth and quiet ride.

The center of gravity is so low that the truck doesn't roll over. Elon also said if you run into another car, the Cybertruck "will win".

Bulletproof Exoskeleton

Elon showed videos of a Tommy Gun being emptied into the steel exoskeleton of the Cybertruck, and none of them penetrated. In movies, the bullets don't go through cars, but in reality, they would.

If Al Capone emptied an entire magazine into the car door, you would still be alive.

Elon also talked about how Joe Rogan said an arrow would go through the car, and it was not able to.

Just A Show Truck?

Can the Cybertruck work as an everyday towing truck? It can tow 11,000 lbs. and was shown towing a SpaceX rocket booster. If you can fit any cargo in the bed, you can move it around.

A truck pull is a key test to show how much power a truck actually has. Elon Musk talked about pulling a 40,000 lb. sled. Elon wanted to put his truck against a Ford F150, F350, and a Rivian to see what would happen.

The other cars didn't get past 262 feet, and the Cybertruck towed the sled a whopping 317.75 feet. The Cybertruck is a very useful truck for safety and utility.

Cybertruck Performance

The Cybertruck has adaptive air suspension and can set the ride height according to how much load is being carried and to what the road conditions are, up to a true 17 inches and there is no differential hanging underneath it. It also comes with 35 inch all terrain tires.

It has steer-by-wire, which is essentially 4-wheel steering. If you turn the wheel a small amount in a parking lot, it will turn the wheels a lot. At high speeds, the wheels will turn just a little - it's all based on speed, making it very easy to ride.

It has a turning circle less than a Model S. It can rotate on a dime and has incredible low speed maneuverability.

The Cybertruck raced a Porsche 911 on the racetrack and won, all while towing another Porsche 911:

Cybertruck Porsche 91148 Volt Architecture

The Cybertruck will have a 48 volt architecture, which allows for 70% less wire in the car. The internals are advanced as the internals of the Cybertruck.

If you were wondering what the price of the Cybertruck was and the variants are, Elon Musk did not mention it in the livestream video. I was able to find it on Tesla's website, though.

The look of the UI is very clean and futuristic.

Cybertruck clean UISpecs

The beast mode Cybertruck has a 0-60 mph time of 2.6 seconds, which is quite unreal for a truck.

There is an $49,890 rear-wheel drive Cybertruck available in 2025, with an estimated range of 250 miles and a 0-60 mph time of 6.5 seconds. This is likely the single motor variant. Price without the tax credit and gas savings is $60,990.

There is an all-wheel drive version for $68,890 with a 340-mile range, available in 2024. This is likely the dual-motor variant. It has 600 horsepower and a 0-60 mph time of 4.1 seconds. Price without the tax credit and gas savings is $79,990

The "Cyberbeast" is the biggest variant and will be delivered in 2024 and costs $96,390. It has a 320-mile range and a 0-60 mph time of 2.6 seconds with a 130 mph top speed along with 845 horsepower. Price without gas savings is $99,990.

Tesla states that the prices assume an IRA federal tax credit up to $7,500 for the rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive and estimated gas savings of $3,600 over 3 years.

These ranges reflect Elon Musk's philosophy that an EV doesn't need a ton of range.

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More On the Cybertruck Delivery Event

There will be a number of accessories available for the Tesla Cybertruck. Tesla announced there will be an accessories team and this will include things like extra lights, towing, a tent add-on, and an option for solar panels that will add about 15 miles of range per day in the sun.

The Cybertruck will have an option for wraps as well. One of the most well known wraps is the black matte wrap that makes the Cybertruck look like a Batmobile.

I expect to see these options appear in 2024 some time.

It remains to be seen if there will be a quad motor variant. I think Tesla needs to get to volume production for the single, dual, and "beast" mode variants first.

This was a very brief Cybertruck delivery event, and I'll be sure to update you with any more information I find after this - especially from people actually using their Cybertrucks and sharing information about them.

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What do you think of the Cybertruck delivery event? Is the Tesla Cybertruck going to be a success and reach volume production of over 100,000 per year? Are you happy with the specs, range, price, and performance of the truck variants?

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