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Cybertruck Range Extender: A Battery Add-on For $16,000 That Extends Range Up To 470 Miles - Toolbox Size In the Truck Bed

There is a Cybertruck range extender add-on that will extend the Cybertruck range to 470 miles for the all wheel drive and 440 for the beast mode variant. This will be a battery add-on the size of a toolbox for a reported $16,000.

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Cybertruck Delivery Event Concludes With Website Updated

The delivery event of the Cybertruck just concluded and all the specs came out. Many were disappointed in the 320 mile range for the beast mode variant and the 340 mile range for the all wheel drive variant.

However, Tesla seems to be offering a range extender for these variants, which will extend the range to 440 and 470 miles respectively and seems to be a battery that you can put in the bed of the truck.

Based on the picture on Tesla's website, it looks like it fits horizontally in the truck bed directly in the back of it.

For those who wanted extra range, Tesla is giving them an option as a separate purchase, and I think this is smart.

Drew Baglino also commented that this will be a battery add-on for the back cab of the bed of the truck.

Cybertruck battery add on

In addition to that, we have what appears to be the price of the range extender, $16,000:

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Cybertruck Range Extender

The range extender option is shown on Tesla's website for the Cybertruck when you look at the three variants available, but only for the dual and beast mode Cybertruck.

Right now, Tesla isn't allowing you to configure your Cybertruck on the order page, instead it looks like in 2024 - or whenever Tesla is ready to deliver your truck, you'll be able to and that should include this range extender.

Elon Musk also responded about the range extender, saying that it fits in about 1/3 of the truck bed and still leaves room for plenty of cargo.

I will update this article with more information on the Cybertruck range extender when I get more information, including pictures and price. Be sure to check back often!

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What do you think about this range extender add-on? Will a lot of people get it?

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