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Tesla Cybertruck Has Armored Accessories, 2.5 Inches Lift for Suspension, Starlink Mount and Much More

There is a website selling armored accessories, a 2.5 inch suspension lift, a Starlink mount, and more for the Tesla Cybertruck called UnpluggedPerformance. This makes the Cybertruck even more of an armored vehicle and a mobile Internet provider.

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Tesla Cybertruck Armored Accessories And More

The Tesla Cybertruck was already the ultimate police car by itself. Now, there is a website selling accessories that include armored bumpers for the front and rear, as well as protective plates for the side of the Cybertruck.

The following accessories categories are available:

  • Off-Road/Overlanding Upgrades
  • Wheels and Tires
  • Bumpers and Fender Flares
  • Suspension and Lift Kits
  • Exterior and Lighting
  • Rock Sliders and Running Boards
  • Armor and Protection
  • Brakes
  • Racks and Storage
  • Winches and Recovery
  • Color Change Vinyl Wraps
  • Interior

The most interesting one to me is the armor and protection. For $3,995, one can get an "invincible bumper" for the rear with a trailer hitch receiver. For $2,995, one can get an "invincible bumper" for the front.

Many of the products overlap across categories as well.

Other armored options include an invincible side sail panel, invincible HD front bull bar and invincible HD rock sliders

The other accessories are interesting as well. I'll go over those now.

Off-Road/Overlanding Upgrades

There are a TON of upgrades here, and they include a 2.5 inch lift kit for $9,995, as well as upgrades for the wheels and tires at around $1,000 to $2,290.75. There's also a storage slider system for the bed of the truck for $100.

Wheels and Tires

You can upgrade the wheels and tires with stronger frames and what are called "Tesla Cybertruck 20'' UP-03 Beadlock Forged Wheel and Tire Package" for $1,952.75 to $2,290.75.

This tire package aims to take hardcore to the next level and were designed specifically for the Cybertruck.

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Bumpers and Fender Flares

The bumpers and fender flares consist of armored protection for the front and back of the Cybertruck. These range from $1,995 to about $3,995.

Suspension and Lift Kits

This is a $9,995 kit designed to raise the suspension of the Cybertruck by 2.5 inches, bringing it to ta total of 19.5 inches high.

Exterior and Lighting

These add-ons were interesting because they overlapped with some of the other categories. The armored bumpers can be found here, along with a trailer hitch receiver. I didn't see anything here related to lights - everything seemed just exterior.

Rock Sliders and Running Boards

This has an "invincible" HD rock slider, which is replaces the factory plastic units with carbon steel rocker panels that include bolt-on modular rock sliders for strength and protection for the body and batteries of the Cybertruck. They can support a significant amount of weight.

Armor and Protection

Many of these are in other categories and involve armored bumpers for the rear and front of the Cybertruck, as well as protection for the side.


You can buy off-road brakes for the Cybertruck, which will support extreme off-road and towing use. These support maximum braking temperature and are $359 to $790.

Racks and Storage

These are additions to the bed of the truck and include a trailer hitch receiver, HD roof rack set, side sail panel molle rack set, and a bed storage slider system. Prices range from $100 to $3,995

Winches and Recovery

This includes an HD front bull bar for protection and a hardcore trailer hitch receiver. Again, there is overlap from other categories.

Color Change Vinyl Wraps

The vinyl wraps didn't have any products available yet.


This has a Starlink Mount for only $75, which I think is a genius idea. I see this being a top seller.

All in all, they seem like cool accessories, but expensive. However, someone buying a Cybertruck may have the budget for them...

The question is, are you ready to build your Cybertruck police car with armored protection?

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What do you think of these accessories for the Cybertruck? Are police forces going to buy them - or others as well?

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Reference: UnpluggedPerformance

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