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Smooth And Up Close View of Tesla Cybertruck Steering All 4 Wheels

There was video recently of the Cybertruck at the Electric Expo in Austin, Texas, using all 4 wheels to turn, and it looks very smooth.


The Cybertruck comes with 4 wheel steering and, in fact, it has a steer by wire dynamic variable steering ratio.

The Tesla Cybertruck can be seen up close and personal here. Its 4-Wheel steering in action and there's a video that was just released, and it shows how the Cybertruck has ALL 4 wheels turn in order to make a more effective turn. It's 4-wheel steering in action.

Cybertruck 4-wheel Steering In Action

At the latest Electric Expo in Austin, Texas, many popular Tesla enthusiasts gathered and one of them, Bearded Tesla (@BeardedTesla), took a video of the Cybertruck's wheels, and it shows all 4 of them turning - this is 4-wheel steering in action, and it's up close and personal.

The Expo brings together the world's top electric brands. This is the right place for the Cybertruck to be to show off its unique steering and its out of this world and unique look.

You might be wondering how the Tesla Cybertruck accomplishes this feat when most cars will only steer the front two wheels. Here's how it happens:

The steering wheel is turned to the left or right. When this happens, the back or rear wheels are turned at the exact same time, except with one difference.

The difference is that the back wheels will turn in the opposite direction. This makes for an even smoother and quicker ability to turn the Cybertruck.

When the Cybertruck is going much faster, the rear wheels will turn in the same direction as the front wheels in order to make a turn faster and more stable.

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Cybertruck - Additional Incredible Features

The Cybertruck has much more going on than just 4-wheel steering. In fact, the 4-wheel steering is the first time a Tesla vehicle has ever had this feature!

The Cybertruck stainless steel exoskeleton is bulletproof, and Elon Musk says he will demonstrate this at the upcoming Cybertruck delivery event on November 30th.

The Cybertruck has post apocalyptic features. I am really hoping that it comes with the option to add solar panels - or some kind of solar panel add-on. I also believe it will come with a biodefense HEPA air filter.

The Cybertruck has the ability to submerse in water for a limited time, acting like a flotation device. I didn't believe this when I heard it, but Elon Musk confirmed it.

This Tweet is from over a year ago, so I am hoping that Elon Musk made good on this statement!

The Cybertruck has an option for bulletproof windows, but they won't be able to be rolled down.

I'm beyond excited about the Cybertruck, and it is on my bucket list to own one some day.

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What do you think about the Cybertruck and its 4-wheel steering?

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