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On Site Construction At Giga Mexico Begins - Worker Seen Tearing Down A Decades Old Building

In the first video of Giga Mexico construction, we can see a worker begin the process of removing a building that is decades old.


Giga Mexico Construction Begins

There aren't many people who are covering the construction of Giga Mexico, but I happened to come across one who has the first video and pictures of Giga Mexico under construction.

In this case, we can see a worker removing a nail from the roof of a decades old building. This may not seem like much and could even be considered laughable and not even worthy of the word construction, but it shows that things are beginning at the construction site.

Rancho Caravajal, also known as "The Ranch" from YouTube videographer, AdreanCG, is at the site of where Giga Mexico will be built. Once construction starts, this ranch is going to see first movement.

This will be by being the place that construction gets started and moving along. AdreanCG thinks Tesla will start here, and mentioned it in his drone flight over the area.

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The Importance of Giga Mexico

Giga Mexico is going to be built in a very strategic location. The strategic location is right next to the highway. That's very important to remember because the cars built at Giga Mexico will have immediate access to get transported on the highway.

Giga Mexico is also going to be a location for the Tesla compact car. This car is Tesla's most important upcoming product - much more important than the Cybertruck.

Look for more rapid construction to begin at this factory site over the coming two years.

Here is the full video from AdreanCG - thanks so much for sharing it!

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What do you think about this video from Giga Mexico? Is it good that construction is beginning - even if it is just tearing down an old building?

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