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Tesla Model 3 Highland Changes That Aren't Well Known

There are some changes to the Model 3 with the new Highland version that you may not have heard about - here they are.


Tesla Model 3 Highland - Changes Not Known to Many

There are some changes to the Tesla Model 3 Highland that aren't well known, and we have a video that goes over what these are:

A big style improvement where it looks different on the outside with different headlights.


Next, there is range. There's an approximate 5% increase in range for both the standard and long range models. This is due to aero-dynamic improvements in the car.

Range on Australia's website shows for the standard range Model increasing from 490 to 511. For the long range, 602 km to 629 km.

A 5% range improvement from aero-dynamics is tough to see - the form factor doesn't seem much different.

Battery Packs

For the battery, there is a pack from CATL, that is being used - either a new LFP battery pack which performs better in cold weather, or an M3P battery from CATL that has manganese in the cathode. It's unlikely Tesla would use old battery technology from CATL in these cars.

Charging speed is now 250 kW, up from 170 kW for the standard range version!


Every panel of glass on the car has acoustic windscreen and acoustic glass. Most sounds from the outside should be about 30% less.

There's a better sound system in the car too. The standard range version has two more speakers. The long range version has three more speakers and one new subwoofer and an additional amplifier.

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More Changes to the Model 3 Highland


The long range version gives you a better sound system, batter pack, and power. Is it enough to upgrade? Prices have increased. In the U.S., we don't know what the prices are. It's $1,000 more expensive for the standard range Model 3. In Australia, the standard range is $61,000 and $71,000 for the long range.

The long range version is worth it for what you get and if you can afford it.


There are no more stalks on the steering wheel, with the turn signals now as arrows on the left-hand side of the steering wheel.

You will get a better Bluetooth signal with the new Highland Model 3. It also connects better to the Tesla phone app, and you have more range with the phone. Wi-fi connectivity has been improved as well.

There's also a larger rear trunk. It's about 5% bigger. How did Tesla do that? Probably something with the giga casting and an improvement in the structure of the car. It's possible Tesla is using a structural battery pack on the car and that is freeing up space. A sedan with this much space in the back and front (frunk) is unusual.

The interior looks different in a good way. The wood is gone. There is a simple dashboard with LED lights running along the dash - you can customize these LED lights.

There is a new screen with better resolution in the front and a smaller screen added in the back. The front screen went from 15 inches to 15.4 inches.


The wheels are improved in aero-dynamics. There are no wheel covers. Tesla solved people not wanting wheel covers by having 18-inch wheels on the standard range and 19-inch wheels on the long range.

The Tesla Model 3 Highland has a bunch of upgrades, and it seems worth paying for the long range version. In Australia, if you buy the long range version, you won't get the discount incentives for EVs due to price.

Overall, the car is much more luxurious with ventilated seats, better sound, suspension, an additional screen. The battery chemistry is also improved with the using of latest batteries from CATL - most likely the new LFP batteries. Perhaps the 5% range improvement comes from using that battery and not the aero-dynamics.

Overall, it's a big improvement!

For more information, see this video from The Electric Viking:

Here's a great list of changes that encompasses even more than what I discussed here:

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What do you think about the new Model 3 Highland and these features that aren't well known?

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