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Tesla Creates "3D Reconstruction of Surroundings In Park Assist" And "Automatic 911 Calls" In Holiday Software Update: Customers Complain About Other Missing Features

Tesla has a holiday software update it is releasing, and it contains both "3D reconstruction of surroundings in park assist" and "automatic 911 calls". The update will roll out next week, and some customers aren't happy about missing features.

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Tesla Holiday Update: Complaints About Missing Features

Tesla is releasing a holiday update next week, and it contains a 3D reconstruction while parking as well as being able to make automatic 911 calls.

Here is everything that is available:

Custom Lock Sounds

When your Tesla locks itself, it will play a slight beep on the horn, letting you know that it is locked. You can replace this sound with a custom sound like a screaming goat.

Tesla custom lock soundsLAN Party on Wheels

For those Tesla vehicles with a rear screen, like the Model 3 Highland, Model S, Model X, or Cybertruck, Tesla now lets you play your favorite games on the rear touchscreen.

Tesla gamesRear Screen Bluetooth Headsets

This one will be great for parents - rear passengers can now use wireless Bluetooth headphones while watching shows or playing games.

Apple Podcasts

Tesla is now integrated with Apple podcasts, allowing you to listen to millions of the world’s most popular podcasts.

Tesla App Trip Planner

You can plan a trip using your Tesla mobile app with multiple stops at Superchargers and then send it to your Tesla vehicle.

Speed Cameras on Route

While driving, the navigation map on the center console will now include speed cameras, stop signs & traffic lights.

Tesla stop signs on navigationAutomatic 911 Calls

Tesla is implementing a "raised hood" feature, which will protect pedestrians in case of a head on collision with a Tesla.

Now, your Tesla vehicle will automatically call 911 if an accident triggers the airbags.

Blind Spot Indicators

If a car is detected in your blind spot while you have a turn signal on, the blind spot camera will alert you with a red shading, letting you know a car was detected and to not change lanes until it is gone.

Light Show

There is a new light show called "The Arrival" that you can play.

Castle Doombad

Castle Doombad is a game and is now available in the Tesla Arcade. There are also updates to Beach Buggy, Polytopia & Vampire Survivors

High Fidelity Park Assist

This will create a 3D construction of your surroundings while you are parking, making it easier to properly park in crowded areas.

Tesla high fidelity park assist

Tesla will continue to do over the air software updates over the coming months and years, always keeping your Tesla vehicle modern and up-to-date.

These are all the features that are coming with the holiday update. However, some customers are complaining about some missing features, and we'll go over those now.

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Customer Complaints About Missing Features

Park assist, summon, and smart summon are currently not enabled for customers that paid for these features, causing backlash from some Tesla customers.

These customers were apparently not informed until after taking delivery that the features would be disabled. user, phyxx, says the following:

But when will Park Assist, Summon, and Smart Summon actually be re-enabled for the customers that paid for the features, were not informed until after taking delivery that the features would be disabled, and we are now exactly one year later after you accepted payment for Enhanced Autopilot… and I have never once been able to use 60% of the software package I paid for?

Tesla removed the ultrasonic sensors on its newer vehicles, which made parking more difficult for vision-only Tesla vehicles that couldn't use the ultrasonic sensors to park. My Model 3 RWD has the ultrasonic sensors, and it really helps to make parking easier.

Some have thought that this holiday update didn't have enough and is missing some other things.

For one, I would like to see basic Autopilot use the FSD visualizations instead of its own custom visualizations. The FSD visualization covers a lot more area, and you can see more on the screen. This would also eliminate an extra code base for Tesla, making things simpler.

I would still like to see Tesla vehicles integrate with Grok AI, but I don't think this will happen this year. It will probably be later next year once Tesla and xAI have finalized their partnership. We think this is still on the table and hope it happens.

Future Software Update Wish List

An user, @teslaunivrse, had quite an extensive wish list for future software updates. Here they are:

Can we please get more voice commands. Like… hey Tesla, how far is the nearest Whole Foods, Home Depot, etc. and the car is able to tell you and then ask would you like me to take you there? Also let us know if there is any traffic or accidents on the way. (AI Assistant)

  • Auto wipers fix
  • View sentry footage on the phone
  • FSD Beta visualizations for autopilot
  • Control and upload new Light Shows from Tesla app (Have a list to choose from)
  • Tesla App Store with apps, games, custom sounds, light shows, etc.
  • Weather data for your location
  • Startup animation and greeting
  • Interior camera replaces the Nag
  • YouTube Music
  • Apple CarPlay
  • FaceTime support
  • Waze integration (speed camera, cops, accidents)
  • 360° view
  • Cameras come up when car detects you are trying to park
  • Curb detection visual and audio alerts to save the rims
  • Faster update downloads
  • Ability to drive away while charging in an emergency situation
  • Tesla Insurance for New Jersey and more states
  • Stream photos, videos from phone to Tesla screen (AirPlay)
  • Better understanding of parking lots in FSD (Don’t drive 30 mph)
  • No more phantom braking
  • X app support
  • Download movies for better quality, viewing experience
  • 5G data support
  • Grok AI assistant
  • Suggestions for new restaurants, stores when parked

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What do you think about this new holiday update from Tesla? Will the 3D park assist feature help with parking? Will Tesla eventually release the summon and smart summon features for the vision only vehicles?

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