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Tesla Creates "Active Hood" Safety System Designed To Protect Pedestrians and Cyclists From Head Trauma During Collisions

Tesla is known for its safety and in another safety update, Tesla has created a mechanism for the Model 3 where a pedestrian or cyclist will be kept more safe from head trauma in the event of a collision with a Tesla vehicle called "Active Hood".

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Tesla Safety for Pedestrians

I discovered a very interesting post on the other day, and it has stuck with me so much that I want to share it with you now. You see, Tesla is very concerned about safety - in fact, they've made the Cybertruck steel exoskeleton bulletproof!

Tesla also recently revealed a patent for facial and body detection that enables the Tesla to watch the occupants in the vehicle and respond if they are having a problem or not showing signs of being awake. If the driver is unconscious, for example, the Tesla will drive to the nearest hospital and call 911.

Tesla also released data that shows their cars running FSD with a driver using it as an assisted software are 5 times safer than normal driving. This is important for Tesla to one day get regulatory approval for it one day.

Tesla also does little things like adding a latch to the bottom of the doors of its Model 3 Highland vehicle in China to help keep the door more secure in the event of a crash.

All of these safety features and more that Tesla has are great, but let's go into this one, which I think is very clever.

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Tesla's Safety Mechanism

Tesla's safety feature for its Model 3 is a pedestrian protection system that relies on a series of sensors and algorithms designed and calibrated to determine when "Active Hood" should deploy.

"Active Hood" seems to be what Tesla is calling this, and it won't always deploy in the case of a collision of the frunk area with a pedestrian. But it will if the system deems it to be safer deployed than not.

This "Active Hood" safety system is designed to protect a pedestrian or cyclist from a head injury that comes from a frontal collision with a Tesla vehicle.

There are multiple sensors at the front of the Model 3 that can detect an impact with a pedestrian or cyclist when the Model 3 is moving between 30 and 52 km/h (18.6 miles to 32.3 miles per hour).

In the event of a collision, the car will raise the rear portion of the hood automatically by approximately 80 mm (or about a quarter of a foot). This increases the space between the hood and the components beneath it, which can reduce the likelihood of injuries.

Also, if the "Active Hood" has been deployed, the touchscreen displays an alert and a chime sounds. This means you should take the Model 3 to the nearest Tesla Service Center or Tesla-approved body shop. This is because the sensors for "Active Hood" will need to be serviced after a deploy happens.

This is a necessary safety system because it can save pedestrians and cyclists from severe head trauma, which often causes a fatality.

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What do you think about this safety feature, "Active Hood" for the Model 3? Will it save lives?

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