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Tesla FSD Releases Safety Data: 5X Safer Than Normal Driving

Tesla has released the first report on its FSD software - It's 5 times safer than driving without it.

Tesla FSD and Safety

Tesla has released safety data on FSD and the results are in - it's about 5 times safer than driving without it. Tesla Autopilot is still the safest way to drive and is about 8.5 times safer than not driving with it.

Auto Accidents Per Million Miles in 2022:

* Tesla vehicles with Autopilot (mostly highway): 0.18
* Tesla vehicles with FSD (mostly non-highway): 0.31
* Tesla vehicles with no active safety: 0.68
* U.S. vehicle fleet: 1.53

This data is based on Tesla's own internal data as well as data gathered by NHSTA.

If you have Tesla vehicles driving 150 million miles, you would have 102 crashes without using any safety measures.

If 150 million miles were driven by the average non-Tesla car in the U.S., you would have 229 accidents.

FSD has prevented 55 crashes so far.

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Will It Get Safer?

I believe this is just the beginning of safety for Tesla. Tesla is very data driven. It's how they do their safety score and calculate the premium for Tesla Insurance.

In another 5 years, I would expect that Autopilot and FSD will be even safer. When a Tesla vehicle is driving without a human, I expect it to be 20 times or safer than a vehicle that is driven by a human.

As Tesla gathers more data, it is going to be handling more and more edge and corner cases, as well as getting feedback videos from drivers using FSD. With this data, Tesla will be able to handle just about any case.

I don't think Tesla's will never crash - even when there are no drivers in them. That is the difficult thing is that eventually, a Tesla without a person in it driving is going to crash into someone or something and that is going to be a hard day for Tesla.

Hopefully at that point, Tesla has done everything possible to prevent that, but it's important to be prepared for that possible outcome.

Still, FSD is a difficult problem and Tesla is betting the company on solving this and having driverless cars. If they succeed, it's going to be incredible!

Do you think Tesla will succeed with FSD?

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