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The Semis Keep Rolling In For Tesla: PepsiCo Takes 18 More Semis For Delivery

We have word that PepsiCo has taken delivery of 18 more Tesla Semis

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18 More Tesla Semis

The Tesla Semi is rolling out and 54 for total have been delivered to PepsiCo now, with the latest delivery of 18.

These 18 semi trucks were highlighted this week in an event by PepsiCo.

PepsiCo has a facility in Sacramento that is integrating the Tesla Semi into its operations.

PepsiCo has said that the partnership with Tesla was made possible because of a grant from the Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District.

The Tesla Semi can drive about 400 miles on one charge, according to PepsiCo, and can reduce greenhouse emissions, that equates to about 302 passenger cars each year.

PepsiCo has purchased other vehicles that are geared toward sustainable Energy, and not just the Tesla Semi.

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How Many More Tesla Semis?

PepsiCo is reported to have ordered 100 Tesla Semis, and they are about halfway through their testing and using them.

One thing I'm interesting to hear from PepsiCo is that the range is on the Tesla Semi over time after charging so much at Megachargers.

When I fast charge my Model 3 RWD, I notice that the range degrades faster than when I use much slower charging like a level 2 charger at 6 kW.

PepsiCo has a goal to get to a 75% reduction in emissions by 2030 and 0 by 2040. I think this is a reasonable and respectable goal for the company. Gas cars are going to be on the roads for another decade or so.

What do you think about PepsiCo using the Tesla Semi?

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