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Frito Lay Shows Off Its New Tesla Semis - How Many Does It Have Now?

We see a picture of Frito Lay Tesla Semi Trucks. How many of these does Frito Lay have now and are they working well?

Frito Lay Semi Trucks

The Modesto Frito-Lay plant is seen showing off its Tesla Semi trucks with the word Tesla Semi on the parking space where the Tesla Semi resides.

These Tesla Semi trucks are part of a $30.8 million environmental project at Frito Lay which was first unveiled more than three years ago. This was when a prototype of the Tesla Semi was brought on site.

Last month, Frito Lay took delivery of the first Tesla Semis and began using them. Two days ago, on 1/18/2023, six Tesla Semis, many which have the yellow-orange Frito-Lay colors on them, were at the plant, along with the company's other zero/near zero emission vehicles.

According to Steven Williams, CEO of PepsiCo foods in North America, this is just the beginning and part of a much larger ambition for PepsiCo to use fewer resources and to advance a sustainable future for all.

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$30.8 Million Sustainability Project

The Tesla Semi trucks are part of an order of 15. So, we can deduce that PepsiCo has 15 Tesla Semis in use or a portion of those still on order.

Elon Musk held an event with the Tesla Semi and PepsiCo for the first deliveries back in December, 2022 at the company's giga factory in Nevada. Several PepsiCo executives, like Kirk Tanner, were at that event.

PepsiCo is also purchasing other vehicles besides the Tesla Semi. They are purchasing 38 Volvo natural gas-powered semis, 6 electric Peterbilt box trucks, 12 electric forklifts, and 3 electric yard tractors.

There are also installed solar panels and on-site charging and battery storage stations. I think Frito-Lay could benefit from a Tesla Megapack to store Energy and help charge all these vehicles., especially during off-peak times.

What do you think of Frito Lay and the Tesla Semi? Is PepsiCo going to order more?

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