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Did Tesla FSD Really Take Someone Through The Chick-Fil-A Drive Through?

A Tesla owner stated that Tesla's FSD took them through a Chick-fil-A drive through. This would be impressive AI behavior if it did - Let's examine if this really happened or not.

Tesla FSD - Capabilities

Tesla's FSD has been under the magnifying glass as of late with two groups of people. The first group sees it as progressing rapidly and Tesla needing to make autonomous vehicles as soon as possible.

The second group thinks Tesla has fallen away from its core EV business too much and that is hurting the company overall, since FSD truly reaching level 4 or level 5 and becoming autonomous is something that has not yet been proven.

Elon Musk has made it obvious which camp he is in and may not be betting the farm on FSD, but he is marshalling a significant amount of resources in order to move Tesla forward to FSD. Tesla recently stated that they will spend about $10 billion on AI in 2024 alone.

Tesla's FSD software has reached version 12.3.4 and there are quite a number of drives showing Tesla vehicles driving without intervention.

I've been using FSD 12.3.3 for a couple of weeks now and the technology is impressive. However, the technology is not yet autonomous and does things that need to be fixed - and may be fixed in version 12.3.4 - whenever I get it. Those things are:

  • Getting into the wrong lane and having to cut in front of cars in order to get into the correct lane - specifically for turns
  • Signaling and cancelling a turn signal
  • Missing exits
  • Taking turns over the lane lines
  • Using the brakes a bit too much - it can drive more smoothly and use the regenerative braking better
  • Braking on the road when it doesn't need to
  • Taking too long to get into a turn lane

These things don't happen very often, but they are things that stand out to me where I've had to intervene at times.

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Tesla FSD Version 12.3.4 - Can It Take You Through a Drive Through?

This brings up a post that someone sent to Sawyer Merritt on X that Tesla FSD took them through a Chick-Fil-A drive through and stopped at all the necessary windows.

I am not sure that Tesla's FSD software can do this right now and the only reason I think that Tesla's FSD software cannot do this is because Tesla has probably not trained the vehicles on this data.

Now, it's possible that one of Tesla's employees who was doing data labeling got a video of someone going through a drive through and trained the system using that. In that case, it may be possible.

However, I am not sure Tesla would be focusing their training data on this kind of situation.

Sawyer removed the post, which leads me to believe that whoever sent him the information may not actually have been in a Tesla that went through a drive through.

We'll need to hear word from Tesla just what the capabilities of a robotaxi and FSD will be in the future, if they'll be able to drive next to drive through's or not.

Someone shared an older version of FSD not being able to navigate through the drive through all the way:

That's all the information I have on the Tesla possibly going through a drive through, but if I learn more, I'll be sure to update and share more.

In the meantime, please visit us for more Tesla news.

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Now let me hear from you, please. What do you think - could Tesla's FSD software take you through a drive-through? Please click the Add New Comment red link below to add your comment.

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