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Elon Musk Is "Betting The Farm" On The Tesla Robotaxi Vehicle As He Enters Wartime CEO Mode

Elon Musk is entering a "wartime" CEO mode as he is "betting the farm" on the Tesla robotaxi vehicle and the future of autonomous vehicles.

Elon Musk as wartime CEO mode and betting everything on the robotaxi vehicle

Elon Musk liked a post from Chis Zheng, which said the following:

I told you that Elon has re-entered wartime CEO mode. This scene is familiar to the veterans of the Tesla community. Today Elon decided to bet the entire company on Robotaxi. I don’t know if all in Robotaxi is right or wrong. I don’t have the answer.

This shows that Elon Musk is focusing on getting Tesla to its next growth phase. And that growth will not happen just from selling EVs (electric vehicles). It will come from having autonomous vehicles that can drive people around safely, efficiently, and at a low cost.

Many are "up in arms" about him doing this, but he sees this as the right move for Tesla, or he wouldn't be doing it. The concerns that people have are that the compact car will be delayed and Tesla's "margins" will be lower in the short term.

We have all the evidence we need from Elon Musk liking this post on X. In fact, Elon Musk liked a post talking about Tesla FSD being lowered to $99 from $199 per month and then shortly after that, it actually happened.

Tesla will not become a company as big or bigger than Apple and Aramco combined just by selling EVs. That is the safe path that will satisfy short term investors and Wall Street.

No, Elon is not going to do that. He's going all in on the robotaxi vehicle, on FSD, and on autonomous vehicles, and he's doing it RIGHT NOW.

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Wartime CEO mode and Autonomy

Elon Musk has certainly started off his wartime CEO mode with a bang, with Tesla laying off over 10% of its work force.

I also think that Tesla is going to get very focused - every single employee, on the FSD experience and improving the autonomous software.

In fact, Elon Musk has said that every service center employee needs to give each customer taking delivery of a Tesla, a short test ride showing off FSD.

There's going to be more moves made in the future, in my opinion, by Elon Musk for Tesla in the direction of autonomy.

He's going to have all the giga factories producing this robotaxi vehicle in record time, including Giga Mexico and a new factory in India.

The robotaxi vehicle will be produced everywhere by the millions, enabling cheap, safe, and autonomous transport for everyone.

This vehicle is going to flood the world, and it's going to happen soon.

Look for the reveal event on 8/8/2024.

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What do you think about Elon Musk betting everything on the robotaxi vehicle and FSD for Tesla? Is this a smart move?

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Image Credit/Reference: Tesla and Chris Zheng