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AXA's Insurance Test on a Tesla and Why You Should Own One Now

An insurance company tested a Tesla without batteries in it to show EVs are unsafe. Also, why you should buy a Tesla now before it's too late.


AXA's Insurance Test on a Tesla and Why You Should Own One Now

You should buy a Tesla now or you'll regret it. And what happens when an insurance company tests a Tesla without the battery in it and tries to show how a Tesla vehicle is unsafe, but in the wrong way?

An insurance company faked a Tesla battery fire to show that EVs and Tesla's catch fire and their batteries. But they performed the test without the battery. AXA insurance did a crash test and admitted to 24 auto that there were no batteries in the video.

AXA chose to perform the tests without the batteries. Instead, they set the car on fire in a different way. They said it would have been too dangerous to do the test with the batteries. They decided to ignite a fire in a Tesla Model S with pyrotechnics. Yes, you heard that right, a fire that was staged.

They were trying to say that there are problems in electric vehicles with having fires. ICE cars can catch on fire and do catch on fire more often than electric vehicles. The high torque in an EV could result in a loss of control. AXA researchers noted that the drive battery was well protected.

I'm also very puzzled how AXA can do a test and do a fire test with pyrotechnics and claim that electric vehicles are fire hazards. They also shouldn't be doing tests in the public where they could cause harm to others. Insurance companies staging problems like this seems like just a bunch of FUD to me.

Tesla's FSD 10.69.2 will be the last phase of Tesla's FSD updates. There have been a few updates before this, including a big upgrade in how Tesla FSD handles "Chuck's Left Turn". Tesla also plans to raise the price on September 8th to $15,000, from $12,000.

Many people, including Whole Mars Blog, have said that FSD 10.69 is much more human-like than previous versions. Tesla FSD 10.69.1 is being tested by a limited group of people. One of the biggest changes in this release is that Tesla reset FSD Beta strikes to 0.

Tesla also put its vehicles to the test in 122 degree heat in Dubai, including a Model X Plaid. Tesla's field quality engineers went to Dubai during this time of year for extreme heat testing on Tesla vehicles.

Tesla drove them in the sand dunes and on desert roads. One picture was even with a camel. You can see the dust flying while the vehicles drove on the road. This looked like quite the adventure and its shows how far Tesla is willing to go to ensure the performance and functionality of their vehicles.

You'll want to buy FSD as soon as you can as the price will soon become very high. If you get a Tesla now, you can lock in your FSD price and have it on your car forever.

What do you think about the insurance company AXA doing a fire test with a Tesla? Will Tesla's FSD continue to be more human like?

For more information, see this video from The Electric Arena:

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Image Credit, The Electric Arena, Screenshot