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Aptera Shares 2022 Year in Review - One Thing that Stood Out

Aptera just released a video on its YouTube channel what took place this year in 2022. And there was one thing that stood out.


Aptera, Year in Review, 2022

Aptera had a 2022 full of hope, change, friendship, challenge, excitement, collaboration, innovation, spectacular things, a metamorphosis, promises, and its delta version of its 1,000 mile EV.

There are 38,000 reservations for its EV now - which is about $1.4 billion in potential revenue and $80 million in funds raised. There is a movement of 750,000 solar revolutionaries ready to change transporation forever.

Aptera secured an 80,000 square foot building which will one day be the final assembly location of the Aptera vehicle. Aptera moved into a 130,000 solar production facility and R&D.

Aptera has a number of strategic partners for its parts for the body structure, motors, low and high voltage harness, lithium ion battery cells, solar cells, and so much more. Aptera made a lot of progress.

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One Thing Stood Out

It was also a year of progress for vehicle dynamics including life cycle testing, acceleration testing, braking, steering, suspension, solar panels, and much more.

They finished their gamma phase of development and offered members of the public chances to drive their vehicles. They also started low volume production of their solar panels and their 41 kWh battery pack design.

2023 will be the year that Aptera finishes its Delta design, which will be the final design delivered to customers. This is the final phase to production. It includes systems integration, crash testing, and production validation.

This is the one thing that stood out - Aptera needs to do systems integration, crash testing and final production validation in 2023. That means to me that the first Aptera vehicles will most likely get delivered in early 2024.

Do you think Aptera will begin deliveries in early 2024?

For more information, see this video from Aptera:

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