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The 2023 Model Y Has Comfort Suspension

The 2023 Model Y has the new comfort suspension. This is being added to non performance models 3 and Y without affecting handling.


Comfort Suspension in 2023 Model Y

In this users 2020 Model Y that is long range, there was some modification done to make the suspension better. A comparison was done to see if the 2023 Model Y truly had the imrpoved suspension that was touted. No performance issues were found.

This user went on forums to see what else was different including the cameras. It was a rabbit hole to try and understand the terminology of the cameras. With a side by side of 2023 and 2020, you can see a much clearer picture with the 2023 model Y. It looks fuzzy in the 2020 version.

There are no ultra sonic sensors on the front of the 2023 Model Y. Tesla is moving to a vision only system for all its vehicles. The 2020 version has them, but they aren't functional. This user wondered why Tesla just didn't let them work on models that already have them.

A Tesla is like an iPad on wheels and software updates constantly. This user then went to take a drive in the 2023 Model Y.

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Other Features of the 2023 Model Y

While driving in the Tesla 2023 Model Y, likely from the Fremont factory, this user was thinking about ride quality. The 19 inch wheels helped with that ride quality. The issue is that when you go over a bump or pothole, there are little grates that feel jarring in a Tesla than with a BMW per say.

Some other things that this user was noticing is that the door closes perfectly. It's a high quality change to the door from the 2020 Model Y. The silence and smoothness of the ride is great and the suspension is better and softer than it was, but still not as good as a BMW.

Is this due to a battery pack under the car making it more rigid? To have the performance needed for the car, you need to have some kind of rigid suspension in order to handle the extreme acceleration and performance. Just take the 19 inch wheels in that case.

There is double paned glass for the front windows, but not the rear windows. This 2023 Model Y is extremely fast. For $2,000 you can boost the car acceleration to a 0-60 mph in 4.2 seconds. While going over some train tracks, the bump was just fine - barely noticeable.

All in all, the 2023 Model Y is a great vehicle and this user had a good experience with it. Would you get a 2023 Model Y? Is it a big improvement from the 2020 Model Y?

For more information, see this video from Gjeebs:

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Jon K (not verified)    June 2, 2023 - 4:28PM

A scientific measurement would be nice with equipment that measures the difference under controlled conditions. I have a 2020 Y. Even with the Redwood Motorsports Ohlins coil overs, the ride is still jarring. My wife hates the car for this reason. It would have to get better than that for me to trade up to a new one.