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Tesla 4680 Battery News and Update Discusses Fire Prevention During Crashes

A new updated video on the Tesla 4680 battery pack discusses what Tesla is doing to prevent crash-related fire accidents; and, how Tesla saved Australia from a power shortage.

4680 Battery Cell Crash Contingencies

According to a new video from HyperCarGlobal, Tesla’s focus on improving the battery pack structure is expected to become evident in the future upcoming Cybertruck and the Texas-produced Model Y with multiple contingencies’ as part of its forthcoming improvements in the battery cells’ mass and longevity.

Comparisons are made to airplane wings that double as fuel storage tanks, which at the same time, adds key supports to the wing’s rigidity and the aircraft’s overall safety. According to the video, a review of some 4680 battery pack patents show that it’s not just weight and charge longevity in mind with the 4680 battery pack development, but also the safety of those packs toward preventing crash or accident related fires from occurring.

These features include a deformable battery cell can designed to absorb impact forces, and a new design to allow gas buildup to escape from damaged cells to prevent a cascading of events leading to an uncontrollable and spreading fire. This also extends to the underlying structure beneath the cells that will be designed to survive crash impact forces and thereby provide added protection to the battery pack above.

This is just a taste of what to expect in this new video update. The HyperCarGlobal video is available in its entirety below and should offer some fresh insight into what is going on with 4680 battery cell development; and, how it extends much further than just making reliable and safer EVs.

Tesla 4680 Battery News and Update!

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David radzieta (not verified)    October 19, 2021 - 8:31AM

Looks like they need to recall all the old dangerous batteries and replace them with these safer longer lasting batteries.

David radzieta (not verified)    October 19, 2021 - 8:32AM

Looks like they need to recall all the old dangerous batteries and replace them with these safer longer lasting batteries.