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Avoid This Lexus Model Advises Toyota Mechanic

While Lexus is well-known for its quality-built cars, there are cases of particular models that are prone to have problems that are especially very expensive to fix. As an example, here’s one Lexus model this Toyota mechanic advises against buying. But if you already have one, he provides some good advice on not only how to test your Lexus to see if it has this problem (or is about to develop one), but what you can do to save money toward fixing the problem.


A Worst-Rated Lexus Model

In an earlier article we learned about the best and worst used Lexus cars you can buy. Chief among the worst is the Lexus LS 460---a luxury flagship of Lexus 2007-2011 models that can be found surprisingly inexpensive used. Why so cheap? Because of multiple age-related repair issues that are high repair-cost items due to this being a six-figure premium car. For example, we are told that by the Car Care Nut YouTube channel host that the brake system alone can run a small fortune in replacement and repairs

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More recently, the Car Care Nut does a show and tell about another Lexus LS460 that came into his garage for yet another all-too-common problem with this model: suspension problems.

The model demonstrated is a 2008 LS460L model with only about 130,000 miles on it. The host believes that it had not been well-maintained and has other problems as well such as significant oil burning with blue smoke coming from the exhaust.

The Value of this Show and Tell

The value of this video is that it underscores the opt-repeated advice that when it comes to buying a used car that you have to have a pre-inspection done by a trusted mechanic to avoid being stuck with a lemon that can turn into a money pit.

But aside from this advice, you will learn a little more about why the LS460 is a risky buy; what to look for to avoid a problem if one has not developed yet; and, what your options are for a repair and how to keep the repair costs down as much as possible.

As the host reminds his viewers, “You are not going to get a Camry or Avalon repair experience with this vehicle.”

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