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In Just 3 Months Tesla Model Y Becomes Most Imported Vehicle In South Korea

Tesla started selling the Model Y back in April with initial 9 deliveries. And now after 2 months, the company has delivered over 3000 vehicles for the month of May making it the most imported vehicle in the country.

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Tesla launched the Model Y in South Korea in 2021, making it the second affordable model Tesla offers in the country after the Model 3 launched back in 2019.

Deliveries for the Model Y in South Korea begun this April with an initial delivery of 9 vehicles. And now fast forward two months and the Model Y is already the most imported vehicle in the east Asian country.

According to data from, in May Tesla delivered 3,328 Model Ys in South Korea.

This number makes the Tesla Model Y the most imported vehicle in South Korea, and help it take the number one spot from the Mercedes E class, which now stands at a distant second place with 2,387 deliveries in May.

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And if you are an eagle-eyed reader and asking where is the Model 3 in the list, Tesla launched the refreshed Model 3 in South Korea back in February however, deliveries for the vehicle won’t start until June.

The reason for the delay is Tesla is in talks with the South Korean government for the Model 3 to receive the South Korean government’s generous EV rebate worth up to 8 million wons ($7,200).

Once the talks finalize sales of the Model 3 are expected to begin this month with initial deliveries of 4000-5,000 Model 3 just in June.

Lest any unforeseen issues coming up, Tesla will be breaking the company’s own delivery records propelling the Model 3 to the first place ahead of the Model Y.

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As for the rebate, the full amount of the subsidy is reserved for vehicles that cost below 60,000 million wons ($54,000).

For vehicles costing between 60 million wons and 90 million wons ($81,000) the government cuts the subsidies by half and those vehicles will be eligible to receive 4 million won ($3,600).

According to the government, these subsidies will be upheld until 2025 and after that time the subsidies are expected to remain in a scaled-back manner.

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Currently, only Tesla’s Standard Range Plus Model is expected to get the full amount of the subsidy with Tesla’s remaining vehicles getting half the rebate.

So what do you think? Excited Tesla was able to grow its sales from 9 vehicles to over 3,000 in just 3 months? Do you think the company will be able to continue this momentum? Let me know your thoughts down in the comments below.

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