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Refreshed Tesla Model 3 Starts To Roll Off The Line in Fremont California - Electrek

According to leaks, Tesla Model 3s with a number of upgrades have started to be manufactured at Tesla's Fremont, California plant. This include a powered tailgate, a possible new heat pump, chrome delete, double-paned windows and many more.


As you probably already know, Tesla doesn’t have model years for its cars. According to Elon Musk, the company doesn’t even do major refreshes.

The idea behind it is, if there is a meaningful upgrade, it should be rolled out to the cars as soon as possible. Without having to wait for model years or refreshes.

But major upgrades sometimes do come out. And now, Electrek is reporting there is a new refresh coming to the Model 3. This follows a number of leaks earlier in the year from China suggesting an updated version of the car was in the works.

Addressed in this update are a number of minor complaints owners had with the car. And some possible improvements under the hood.

One such complaint being addressed is Model 3’s lack of a powered tailgate. According to the leak, the new Model 3s, currently starting to roll off the line from Tesla’s Fremont California plant, will have this feature.

Other improvements coming to the car are a chrome delete similar to the Model Y, possibly a new heat pump, changes to the upholstery of the interior and the center console, and a new double-paned glass.

Tesla Model Y interior

The heat pump will also be another feature, already available in the Model Y, which is coming to the Model 3. The Model Y’s heat pump is 300 percent more efficient than Tesla’s resistive heating system it currently uses in Model 3.

The way a heat pump works is rather than using energy from the battery to generate heat, it moves heat generated by the motors to warm up the battery and the cabin. This significantly increases the efficiency of the system and might result in a range increase to Model 3.

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In order to protect the identity of the leaker, Electrek didn’t share any pictures of the upgrades to the car. As a result, we can’t show you what exactly the inside looks like but, here is how Electrek described it.

“The Model 3’s new console, instead of being a lid that flips open, it’s now a sliding door like in the Model S/X center console. The cup holders don’t have chrome trim and they are located higher. And the phone charger section looks like a solid piece that doesn’t flip up and down like the current one.”

Checkout Electrek’s report for a more detailed description of the changes to the upholstery and center console.

The last confirmed change is to the glass. Tesla has improved the Model 3 windows to a double-paned glass. This is much thicker than the current window and will have two sheets of glass separated by an insulating material in the middle. This should alleviate concerns of excessive road noise in Model 3.

So what do you think? Are you excited for all the upgrades coming to the Model 3? Does this change your purchasing decision? Let me know your thoughts down in the comments below.

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Byron Blue (not verified)    October 10, 2020 - 2:55PM

I would like inclusion of safer back-up sensors allowing warning of approaching side traffic when backing blind between obstructions to view of on-coming traffic. My 2019 Model 3 doesn't have this feature and that has caused near collisions on several occasions.