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Subaru settles in oil consumption lawsuit

Subaru has agreed to settle in the oil consumption lawsuit filed against them in 2014. What will Forester, Outback and Crosstrek owners get in return?

Owners of Subaru Forester, Outback, Crosstrek, Impreza and Legacy are getting compensation from Subaru from the oil consumption lawsuit filed against them. According to Law360, Subaru of America (SOA) has agreed to compensate the drivers who filed the class action suit. SOA agreed to extend warranties and reimburse drivers for certain out-of-pocket costs from the alleged defect that is causing their vehicle’s engines to use excessive amounts of oil.

Last week, the drivers in the lawsuit told Law360, Subaru has agreed to extend its 5 year, 60,000-mile warranty in respect to the alleged defect to an 8 year, 100,000-mile warranty. SOA will also reimburse certain expenses for vehicle repairs, rental cars, towing and the purchase of up to six quarts of oil per vehicle with appropriate proof. According to the report, the drivers urged the court to grant preliminary approval of the settlement and schedule a final approval hearing.

Subaru owners are happy with the settlement

The Subaru owners appear to be happy with the settlement and said the agreement will provide most proposed class members with the same amount of compensation they would have obtained if the case went to trial. Subaru also agreed not to oppose up to $1.5 million in attorneys’ fees and costs associated with the case. They will also pay the nine named plaintiffs $3,500 each in incentive awards. Matthew D. Schelkopf, an attorney for the drivers, told Law360 in an email sent last week, “We are very pleased with the terms of the proposed relief for class members under the settlement agreement.”

Subaru makes it right with these nine named plaintiffs

Subaru knew there was a problem with certain Subaru engines and they needed to make things right with these customers. This settlement shows they are doing that. The report says, Subaru believes “the settlement is in the best interests of their respective clients.” What will this mean for Subaru owners who are still experiencing excessive oil consumption?

In the report by Law360, according to the proposed settlement of the lawsuit, Subaru also agreed to offer a free oil consumption test for all current owners and lessees and perform any technical service bulletin repairs connected to the alleged defect. Yet this is not anything more than Subaru has already been doing. Current owners who are having this issue will continue to deal with their Subaru dealer to get their individual problem addressed. This settlement will not help those still dealing with excessive oil consumption. The vehicles affected most seem to be 2011-2014 Forester (2.5-liter engine), 2013 Legacy (2.5-liter engine) 2013 Outback (2.5-liter engine) 2012-2013 Impreza (2.0-liter engine) and 2013 XV Crosstrek (2.0-liter engine). Check with your Subaru dealer for any new technical service bulletin repairs connected to the “alleged” defect.

Source: Law360

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Just wait. My oil light started coming on around 45 k was told to replace switch.. Now I'm burning oil at 53k. Loss of 6 mpg... Not fun. This is on 2013 forester. I also have 2010 with no problems at 71 k. I have been thru so much bs already I have a bad opinion of Subaru even tho I own 2. And one hasn't had any problems... Beware u have to know the Tsb number and ask them. They won't offer anything up. 3 weeks of bs while driving cancer patient to mayo clinic. Stop my life to fix car Subaru knew had problem and they pretend like they are clueless!!! And more bs to come... Like I said... Just wait a while longer. When the light starts coming on you'll know... Hope u have second car...
I am the 2nd owner of a 2011 forester purchased in 2012 with only 15000 miles. I was so proud to get this beautiful car. Now it has 35000 miles, I see this recall, feel totally let down. Looks like the salesman unloaded a car with more than one defects. No wonder the first owner only kept it one year. At he rate I drive, the October 2016 settlement will be come and go. Then my car will proceed to break down big time. Very sad.
We have a 2014 Subaru Forester and it consumes a quart of oil every 1200 miles. Took it to the dealer last week for the "oil consumption " test. First the mechanic told us it is normal for the car to burn a quart of oil every 1,000 to 1,200 miles. We asked they do the test. When my husband checked the oil level it was overfilled by a half of a quart. Have lost complete confidence in both our local dealer as well as Subaru of America. Total lack of integrity from both parties.
Had regularly scheduled oill changes. Started to hear a knocking in the engine. Brought the car to a friend in the transmission business and the car needed 4 1/2 quarts of oil. Brought the car in for the 1200 mile test and dealer said it is burning normally. He also said that the dipstick does not measure the first 2 1/2 quarts. Also, oil light has never come on in the vehicle.
old mechanic here, if your car is under warranty, and Subaru is fking you over, just go start it, put it in neutral and drop a brick on the gas pedal and walk away....after she blows up...have the stealership come tow the POS to their shop......lol
We have a 2013 outback that has had excessive oil burn. We were told its "normal" until the day the motor blew. It cost us $4700 to replace the motor. On top of the cost for 2-3 qts of oil a week.
my dealer has reccomended a 6000k interval instead of 7500k.However they are overfilling the oil.I have decided to change oil at 4000k,since I don't drive a lot any more and this will be my last subaru.I have had four previously with no problem.Besides I hate those stupid idiot bars and lights instead of real gauges.
I have a 2.0L 2012 Outback, with just under 100K. Oil light came on for the first time, had to add 2 quarts of oil! Guess I'll be more diligent in checking the oil level for now on.
My 2013 Forester uses 2 3/4 litres between changes...best to check every 3000 km.
I had a 2012 Forrester with 60k miles and wife had a 2013 Legacy with less than 30k miles. both burned oil. I traded them after reading all the crap folks were dealing with. I'm not making a new car payment on an oil burner. Reason I buy new. I didn't think about blowing the engine up while still under warranty. they would have just put another crap oil burner engine in.
Where is the logic in this solution??? take a huge deprececiation on relatively new cars to deal with an oil issue. So now he loses 3k on each car. could have bought lot of oil for $6,000. In fact you could hire someone to drive each car to firestone each month to get an oil change for less then it cost you in depreciation.
Had a 2011 Forester and bought it used with 25K miles on it after having a good experience with a 2008 Impreza from new. Went for my first oil change at a quick lube location and they told me they did not even register a oil level on the dipstick before starting the change. I bought my car from a Subaru dealer who had done an oil change as part of my safety when I bought the car and just thought they may have just not put enough in. Quickly realized I was burning at least a quart between oil changes which my previous car with the same core engine had never done before. My brother in law who was a die hard Subaru owner before me had his Outback engine blow it the meantime and got terrible service from the dealer. Got rid of the car before I even had it for a year after hearing about these oil issues. When I researched the car ahead of buying it, none of this came up from the large car sites. I wish I would have seen these forums earlier. Wishing you all the best in resolving these issues.
Own Outback 2006, no problem until 115,000 miles. Went in for oil change was told no oil in engine and to add a qt every 1000miles. Later went in for service check was told head gastket leaking oil and catalytic converter cracked. Repaired it , then needed rebuilt transmission, had that done.Now engine light on, made appointment to get car looked at....but then oil light went on 2 days later....no oil in engine. Last oil Change was 7000,00 miles ago. I added the oil, lights went away. So did some checking on why my car is consuming oil....this is the first that I have read / heard these issues with oil consumption. Had I known I would not have done my repairs. I would have gone car shopping. Is their anything that us with older cars with higher mileage can do this sudden increase of oil use.
I have a 2010 Forester XT. The other night it started making a rattling noise in the engine bay. It sounded like a bad turbo. I dropped it off at the dealership I bought it from for service, and they said the oil was low. This is amazing, I have 74k miles on it, I just did an oil change myself about 2k miles ago, if that, and hardly drive the car at all. I don't abuse it, just normal driving. How the hell is my oil already that low? And why didn't a low oil light come on before it was so low the turbo would be adversely affected? This is an outrage, in my opinion. Now I'll have to pay probably hundreds of dollars to get this fixed, if not more, I'm currently waiting for the dealer to call me back, but I'm pissed to hear that this was a known issue I was never told about.
I was driving my 2013 Subaru Forester on Saturday and all of the sudden with no warning what so ever the radiator hose exploded and smoke poured out from under the hood. I had it towed to the Subaru dealer. They want at least $500 to put it back together to test it. They told me that it will probably be around $3,000-$7,000 to fix and they think it is a head gasket issue. The fluids in my car were all intermixing and there was absolutely no oil. Why did I get no warning light? When I said don't do repairs and I will get a new car I was given a very low trade in price because they would have to fix the issue. My Dad told me he researched it and found out about the oil consumption issue but when I told the dealer Sales manager he said he knew nothing about it. The Service manager told me that issue had nothing to do with what happened and eluded it was my fault because I took it to Jiffy Lube for oil changes. Really?
How many miles were on your car? Just wondering because I have a 2013 Subaru Forester with oil consumption problems. The dealers are slimy. There is a lawsuit going on, and it wasn't because of Jiffy Lube. They should have done an oil consumption test and the exploding parts should've been under warranty. This summer I had constant problems, and some dealers are honest and some aren't. Subaru is trying to go under the radar on this shit, as far as I can tell, it's the models with the new engine, 2011 to the present. Shame on Subaru.
79,000 miles. I called Subaru yesterday and I am waiting on a call back. The service manager tried to tell me that the oil consumption issue had nothing to do with the fact that the car over heated and then the radiator hose blew apart and this after fluids had been intermixing.
We have the same problem of high oil consumption. It cost us $3000 to have the engine removed and have new head gaskets installed. Before we had the head gaskets replaced there was a high ticking noise when you first start the engine up when it is cold. Then 2 minutes after the engine warms up a bit the ticking noise gets quieter but still has a ticking noise. It sounds like a lack of oil to the valve tapets or a weak hydraulic cam follower as I am not familiar with how Subaru opens and closes their valves. Anyway we check our oil every time we gas up even if its only half a tank of gas. I have had engines that were only 1/8th of an inch down on the oil level between oil changes. So, do we have some stupid engine builders at Subaru??????????????????? Your thoughts?????????????
I am experiencing excessive oil consumption with my 2014 Subaru Forester. For the 4th time between oil changes, my "low oil" indicator has illuminated. I remembered receiving a class action lawsuit notification and now am realizing that the fault lies with Subaru!!!!! After reading the other comments, I don't have any confidence that my local Subaru dealer will perform the oil consumptiin test with integrity and I feel hopeless with this vehicle. The way Subaru is handling this entire scandal is very disappointing and I doubt that I will ever buy another Subaru!
The engine on my 2009 Subaru Outback XT 2.5i with dual overhead cam and turbo blew yesterday! I bought it used from the Subaru Dealership in South Charlotte on 9/2/16. I've had one oil change on it so far. I was driving to work and it started knocking in the engine. I checked the oil and only had a little left. I put some oil in the engine to make it back home but it didn't make it. Unfortunately, I did not buy a extended warranty which was $3,000 more dollars so now i have to buy a new engine. this is crazy.
We bought our first Subaru, a new 2.6 Premium model in 2011. Almost from the get go the car had a petroleum smell and excessive exhaust upon starting. I wrote it off to breaking in.It has been serviced by and only by the dealer at all the prescribed intervals. It was originally my wife's car so I don't think it has been hot rodded in it's life. Now with approx 70K on the clock I am am adding at least a quart and a half of oil between services. I don't know if this is normal or within specs for this car. I took the car in for service this morning and the dealership said they will run a oil consumption test on the car. I'll have to return it to them in 1200 miles. This could be an issue as my daughter drives the car and is 4 hours away at school. They tell me my car does not fall under the warranty for engine replacement. So what models do? Additionally I have had the engine warning light, cruise control light, anti skid warning light and the emergency brake light come on and the cruise ceases to function. I took the car in last Feb. and was told it needed $600 worth of oxygen sensors which I had performed. This past labor day the warning lights reappeared and the cruise stopped functioning. Since my daughter had to be back at school the following day and the dealership was closed I had my son, a Volvo tech run a diagnostic on the car getting the same fault code as the one I had and supposedly repaired. Evidently it isn't the oxygen sensors that are the problem as they have recently been replaced, or so I was charged for. He has since reset the computer in the car again over Thanksgiving but again the lights have come up on the dash. I've read on line that other owners are having the same issue and are resetting their ECU's by simply disconnecting the battery. Has anyone else had this issue and have you found the cause for this glitch?
I had a similar trouble code with the cruise control. I cleaned the mass airflow sensor, and reset the computer. If that doesn't work, try having your tech put cleaning solvent into the crankcase, cycle it, the replace with motor oil.
My 2011 Forester has been increasingly burning oil. Unfortunately I did not hear about the lawsuit and I am out of warranty, The car has 187,000 miles now and burns 2 qts of oil per tank of gas. It still runs well so I am just waiting for the motor to let go before replacing. Thankfully I work for a mechanic so the costs won't be as bad....lol.
My 2016 Forester XT turbo with the FA20 motor is perfect after 7000 miles. Doesn't burn a drop of oil, stays full, and oil is very clean looking. Also I did a Cobb tuner stage one on it with a CAI and performance exhaust. Runs excellent, below 6 second 0-60 mph.
Wow. I used to have a 97 forester and I presently have an 09 impreza. Both have 2.5L engines, both head gaskets failed and both burn a lot of oil. Hard to believe that 1qt/3K is an acceptable spec. To add insult to injury, it was just at the dealership for the infamous "Takata" incident. Although I really like them in the snow, the take a way lesson for me is this. If I ever buy another subaru, (and I'm doubting it) I know to automatically knock $10,000 of of the asking price in order to cover my butt with the inevitable major engine repair and/or replacement.
I just had the short block replaced in my 2013 legacy because of using too much oil. When i first took it in for the oil test the dealer did over fill the oil so i took it back and before i left i made them check the oil level infront of me before i left. It only took them 4 days to replace the block and....knock on wood...no leaks and the car runs good. So my advise is...if you have to add oil under 2500 miles and your still under the waranty, take it in...but before you pull out have them pull the dipstick infront of you and if its above the full MAKE them take oil out to where it is on the full line. Dont let them tell you that it being too full is normal with the car warm...thats bull...make them adjust it. Drive the hell out of the car for the 1200 miles and take it in. You should be the proud owner of a new short block.....hope this helps
Was your short block changed under normal warranty when you purchased the car, or was it under the warranty provided by the lawsuit? I had my oil consumption test completed and after 700 miles the low oil light came on, the girl from the shop just called me to let me know it failed (no kidding!) and said they need to replace the short block, but didn't advise a cost and I was rushed to get to a meeting for work so I didn't ask. I have a phone call into her know to ask, I'm waiting for her to call back but I'm all worried. I have a 2012 Impreza.
I purchased a 2008 Tribeca with 52,000 miles in November 2016 it has been using one qt every 1000 miles. The Dealer suggested a oil consumption test. At 450 miles I checked the oil and found it over filled . when I took my SUV in at 1200 miles I told them about finding it over filled and I was told that I was not checking the oil correctly and that I needed to wait 5 min's after getting the the engine up to normal operating temperature. then they checked the oil and showed me that it was normal.2000 miles later it is time for my next oil change and I have had to add two qt of oil. I feel like I'm being scammed!
I have an 2012 Subaru forester uses 4 quart of oil per a 5000 mile oil change. I told dealer that it was using oil they said it was exceptable. I do my own work on the vehicles, been keeping track on the last too oil changes with the same results.
We purchased our first Subaru in 1979, loved it & have owned a Subaru ever since. Many we kept for 10 yrs & put 250K miles or more on them without having any major problems; that is until we purchased our new 2011 Forester.. We did not have any problems, that we were told by the Subaru dealer that did our service until Oct 2016. I noticed something leaking for a time after the engine had been run (at first I thought it was condensation from A/C) but when it did it when the A/C had not been run, we took it to be checked. Was SHOCKED when told the seal on the cam shaft was leaking, the oil & other fluid levers were low but the car ran fine & no lights ever cam on! That job cost $2K. Now we discover it is burning oil because the engine began making a clattering noise, we checked oil & none even registered on the dip stick. Again other than the noise no lights ever came on. We added oil & took it to the dealer for its needed oil change. Told them about the oil situation & was told to bring it back after 1,200 miles for oil consumption test. It failed & used almost a quart in that short time. Now Serv Mgr tells us about the lawsuit but we have 144K miles so are out of warranty!! Our daughter liked our Subaru cars growing up she purchased a used 2009 Forester. The engine blew on hers in Nov 2016 with 140K miles on it. No lights ever came on until the engine died. She had a used engine put in hers which cost her $4,500 & the one the dealer put in has a leaking head gasket. I have always loved Subaru but have lost faith in the company & the dealerships. Dealer told us to contact Subaru but the lawsuit has been settled & we are out of warranty. Guess we are F**Ked. Very disillusioned Subaru owner. Won't be buying another!!