2011-2014 Subaru Forester, Outback, Crosstrek, Impreza, Legacy
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Now That Subaru’s Oil Consumption Lawsuit is Settled, What Should You Do?

Subaru settles their oil consumption lawsuit. What should you do if your Subaru Forester, Outback, Crosstrek, Impreza or Legacy is burning excessive oil?

Now that Subaru has settled their oil consumption lawsuit, what should you do if you own a Subaru Forester, Outback, Crosstrek, Impreza or Legacy that burns excessive oil? It could be covered under warranty. In some cases, Subaru will replace the short block assembly to rectify the problem.

What vehicles are effected?

Some Subaru owners are experiencing excessive oil consumption in certain vehicles. The vehicles that seem to be affected are the 2011-2014 Forester (2.5-liter engines), 2013-2014 Outback (2.5-liter engines), 2013 XV Crosstrek (2.0-liter engines), 2012-2013 Impreza (2.0-liter engines) and 2013-2014 Legacy (2.5-liter engines).

Subaru spokesman Michael McHale said, "more than 98 percent of the settlement class vehicles (Forester, Outback, Crosstrek, Impreza and Legacy models) have not experienced, and will not experience, any oil consumption concerns.” What if you are one of the 2 percent?

What should you do if your vehicle is using excessive oil?

Owners can contact their Subaru dealer and go in for an oil consumption test. If the dealer determines the oil consumption is found to exceed normal levels, dealers will replace the shortblock assembly.

Repairs will be made under the new vehicle warranty or powertrain warranty, whichever applies. If your vehicle is out of the new vehicle warranty coverage, and you have an extended warranty, the repairs may be covered, but the Subaru dealer will have to confirm this with the extended warranty company.

Owners should call their local dealer with their vehicle identification number (VIN) on their 2011-2014 Subaru Forester, Outback, Crosstrek, Impreza or Legacy to determine vehicle eligibility for this repair. Owners can also call Subaru Support at 800-782-2783 and reference Technical Service Bulletin # 02-157-14R.

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thank God i cancelled my booking for the new xv. i will stick with my VW for now.
The new XV probably doesn't have the issue. My 2013 Subaru did not burn oil for the 60K miles I had it and my 2016 Legacy 3.6R is the same way too at 21K miles. Still full at oil change time. I have owned an oil burning car before and I tolerated it. I would rather add oil every 800-1200 miles then open up Pandora's Box with the engine removal/re-install.
I'll never own another sabaru. Burnt oil the first month. Dealer said needed break in. Now after 80K burns 1\2 qt every other fillup. Why take it back to dealer when I can't trust the lying SOB.
I actually had to find out about the settlement and hound The Dealer in order to get Oil Consumption test , and after repairs were made my 2013 is leaking on my driveway and I have had it back 3 times for the leak that I did not have until they "fixed it" now it is going back in on Monday 6/22/20 . I have had three Subaru's , there will not be a fourth.
Well then continues. I own a 2018 Forrester that burned a quart of oil every 1200 miles since brand new. 4000 miles and and 3 and a half quarts burned so far. Dealer says it's normal for break in. Most they have to do is a consumption test... Run around, gas mileage back and forth to the dealer, and extras oil to replace the oil this great if crap is burning... Is all on me the owner that was fun enough to buy a Subaru. DONT DO IT EVERYONE THAT SEE'S THIS. STAY AWAY FROM SUBARU JUNK. ALL MODELS ARE EFFECTED.
I totally agree with you JUNK!
The problem with having a dealer decide what is an "acceptable" amount of oil to lose is that ANY detectable amount of oil loss is UNACCEPTABLE. We owned a 2013 Forester which burned 1 quart of oil a month, plus/minus 8 ounces. When I called Subaru about this they said a quart of oil a month is an acceptable amount of oil to lose. I've owned cars and motorcycles for 40 years and can say that every other Toyota, Honda, Suzuki, and Chevrolet I've owned burned exactly ZERO oil every month (at least none that could be detected). Subaru may have thought they were hoodwinking another rube and saving themselves a few dollars in repairs but in fact they lost a lifelong customer. Their loss, Toyota's gain. Got rid of the Subaru, bought a Toyota, and never looked back.
Toyota Prius has similar issues in models 2010- 2014.
Not to defend Subaru, since I have owned a Forester for 16.5 years now (2003), but we can also thank Big Brother for pushing the car companies constantly with the CAFE requirements for gas mileage. Looser the tolerances around pistons and valve seals and VIOLA, better gas mileage and terrible oil consumption. But very short-sighted of Subaru to try to convince us Old Timers that 1 quart of crude per 1,000 miles is acceptable to anyone but a moron. Look for earlier model Subi's, stay clear of the new CVT trannie, and just rebuild what you have to one it. Or buy a Toyota.
This simply could not be more untrue (looser fit = better mileage)
Bought my 2013 Subaru Outback about 8 months ago with 95k miles and just found out about this at 101k. Called Subaru and they agreed to have me do the oil consumption test and it supposedly passed the test. But not real happy that I have to add about a quart after every 2k miles. Was super happy until I found out I bought a Japanese oil burner.
My 2013 Outback is out of the warranty period. Is there an additive that I can use to help prevent some of this oil burn?
I made the mistake of buying a 2013 crosstrek with 125000 miles on it. I heard so much talk of how Subaru was so dependable and economical. It turns out that neither is true about the crosstrek. About 20,000 miles later the check engine light and abs light came on which disables the abs, traction control and cruise control. It burns a quart of oil every 4 to 500 miles. Now on our way home from our last road trip the AT oil temp high light came on along with The ABS light, and the hill assist light came on. So we took it to the transmission shop to have the codes read, and they said that we need a new transmission now. So the cost of replacing the catalytic converter, and the transmission, which is what the codes say it needs Will total more money than what the car is worth. What a piece of shit. I will never own a Nother Subaru. This car was neither dependable nor economical. We got fucked Big time on this one
We have a 2013 Subaru Forester and had the oil consumption test done and they said nothing wrong. Now it has 134,000 miles and it need catalytic converter and a new engine. The engine light cane on and cost 7400.00 to fix it.
My dad gave us his 2013 Outback. He had it in for the oil consumption test. Of course it was in “normal” range. After that, he complained multiple times about the oil consumption. He told them that it would burn a quart of oil, sometimes every 1000 miles. He was told that was normal. After we owned the vehicle, we complained about it. Every time, it’s normal that that happens. Now, 6-7 years after complaining (of which those complaints were NOT documented) my car now needs $11,000 worth of repairs. All because of the oil consumption. Of course, it is out of warranty (127,000 miles). We actually never even got anything about the extended oil consumption warranty, but it would have been within normal range, anyway, so they wouldn’t have done anything. The service manager at the dealership told us to call Subaru, that they were really good about helping out in situations like this. That was a bunch of bull. We were told that since it was out of warranty, and that because the oil consumption was within normal range, that they couldn’t help us out. And of course the warranty would run out before the oil consumption caused enough damage. I don’t even think our car is worth $11,000. Has anyone had any luck with Subaru helping them out when it’s obviously their fault, even though they won’t admit it?
I switched to 5w30 weight oil. Went from a quart every 800 miles to a quart every 2000 miles.
My 2014 Forester at 195K now burns a quart every 1200 miles. It was not this bad at first, but it has gradually gotten worse. And of course, I had a CVT failure at 125k miles and had to replace the valve body. Oh, and I had to replace wheel bearing all around about the same time. It's a pile of crap. I am done with Subaru. Period. Paragraph. The end. I put 305k miles on my 2001 Camry and then sold it to my BIL. At each oil change on the Camry the dipstip level barely moved. Never changed a wheel bearing.
I have 2008 Toyota camry and it is notorious for eating one quart every one thousand miles.
They exstended the engine rebuid warranty to 10 years and 150k
That amount of oil consumption isnt even that bad. My 08 Forester goes thru a quart every 500 miles. And not a drop on the ground. Still runs great at 195k miles, so I'll let it get really tired before I trade in.
I just bouth almost 2 months ago a subaru outback 2009, with 95k miles and just realize that after my 1200 miles it burned 3 quarts of oil, and there is drop on the floor, nor smoke coming out, so maybe seller sold it because of that, now I am stuck with this oil burner. Is there anything I can do?
Im having the same issue! Bought my Outback in 2018 its a 2016 and it burns a qt. To 2 qts of oil in between oil changes and I just heard about the recalls! I have 96,000 miles and I am going in for a oil consumption test asap
What does this oil consumption do to the catalytic converters? The EGR valve? How about the rest of the emissions related equipment on the car?
I have a 2012 Subaru Outback 3.6 that keeps using oil. When I look on websites for recalls my year is not there. How can I prove to the auto service department that it is truly happening. I reported to them and they deny it is happening.
I had forester 2011, I had only 60000 this year, I have been changing oil every 3 to 4 months or so even though I didn't put on lots of miles. Since I moved to Chicago, I began driving more miles, I started to hear some noise, I just thought something got loose. On my way to shop, I got smoke from the engine and it died on me on the road. I didn't get any warning light for the engine oil and I never imagined it could be a problem of the engine oil since I have been changing it every 3 or 4months at most. I wish guys who changed my oil could tell me that the oil is strangely low, then I would have googled to see the possible problem. I only found about the issues with my model after losing the car. the Subaru can let the owners to be aware of the problems at lease if they are not doing a recall, I wouldn't mind to fill the extra oil if I had known about it just to keep the car. it is big loss on the car with very low mileage.
Jen, I feel awful for you. I have a 2011 Forester, and almost ruined my car because of oil consumption at around 100k miles. Luckily (HA), I now carry oil with me in my car and replace oil every 500 miles. NOT ONCE HAS AN OIL LIGHT COME ON. It's horrible, but at least I did not burn the engine up, and some nice guys at Meineke always worked with me when I went in for oil changes, showing me how to check it and keep it full. I don't feel right trying to sell the car in this condition. I now have 148k miles on it and still going. But after this I'm done with Subaru. They denied the problem, telling me I had a "leak", and would fix it for $2000. How can I have a leak without ever seeing ONE drop of oil on my garage floor??? I told them to give me back my keys, I left and never looked back.
I bought a 2014 Outback new, at about 3000 miles the oil light came on. I thought maybe since it takes full synthetic and light oil weight maybe needs brake in period. Well it kept happening so I mentioned it to my mechanic when he did the inspection and he said it's not normal take car to Subaru. So I did and the oil consumption tests began. The dealership told me a quart of oil consumed in 1200 is normal. I didn't believe them so every time the light came on I brought the car back to them. It started happening about every 3000 miles then progressively got worse happening sooner and sooner. One of the times the day after I had brought to them to check the level the light came on while I was driving. About a year of oil consumption tests and the dealer admitted there was a problem with my engine. So the block got replaced. When I picked up the car I noticed something was wrong so I went back in and spoke to the manager he went with me to my car leaned against it and asked for my paperwork. He then said oh you had the block replaced it's fine threw my paperwork at me and walked away. I told myself that maybe I was wrong but then besides the vibration I felt I noticed it had no power. I then called Subaru of America 1-800 number and they said take car to new dealership. It took about another year of fixing the parts broken by the first dealership and I thought the car was good. Subaru also extended my warranty because of the class action lawsuit unfortunately for me I had already bought that one. Meanwhile everyone I know kept telling me to get rid of the car but besides this oil situation I really love the car. It's amazing in the snow, it's a manual transmission (which is impossible to find these days), it's good on gas, and it's got great cargo space. Well it is now 5 years later and I have paid the car off and the oil light is coming on again. So we have started oil consumption tests at the new dealership. Looks like I am going to have to contact Subaru of America 1-800 number again to push the issue of getting a warranty extension that I had already paid for and to see if they will make this right. I want to be able to say I love my Subaru without there being a but attached to it. I tell everyone I know not to buy a Subaru unless you want to go through the aggravation that I have gone through.
Over a quart of oil for driving 1,300 miles to Florida is normal? Also, CVT is JUNK Bought a new 2013 Outback 2.5 premium. We are now on our 3rd engine and our 2nd CVT! Took a 1,300 mile trip to Florida with around 20,000 miles on it. It burned over a quart of oil going down and then over another quart coming back. Subaru corporate said that it was normal oil consumption! Well, shortly after I found the class action lawsuit against them for oil consumption. Twice the Subaru dealer over filled the oil before the oil consumption test! Why? Not to hard to measure oil. The 3rd engine does use less oil and I hope it lasts. Also, around 100,000 miles a bearing went on the CVT! Those were made as throw-away transmissions with no fluid changes originally recommended in the service books. Fortunately, all covered under warranties even though I had to fight for the new engines. Will not buy another Subaru unless Toyota, which now owns 20%, can turn the quality around.
My 2017 manual transmission Outback has been consuming too much oil. The light comes on at approximately every 2000 miles. Changes are due every 6000. At first they told me it was downshifting for breaking causing the issue. I travel 90% open the highway. They started monitoring it finally. When I took it in this time I said I didn’t want it back until it was fixed. Got a call today after a week. They’re replacing the engine block and having something else checked by a specialist. Thank God it’s covered by warranty. The engine is several thousand dollars and it will be a 10 hour job. Hopefully the issue will be resolved. Love my wheels otherwise.
I bought a 2013 Subaru Outback 2.5i Premium and did a 1500 mile trip to Oregon. When I was leaving work the next day the transmission light came on and a loud noise bottomed. It was towed to Burlingame Subaru and they determined that I needed a new transmission at 93,000 miles. They put in a new transmission and I paid $1,250 for a new transmission cooler. Then I did the oil consumption test at 97,450 miles. They replaced the short block and the car runs great; no issues with the transmission or any oil leaks at all. I’m now at 139,000 miles and am grateful that it feels like I have a new car.