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A new generation finds out about Subaru Forester’s superior capabilities

2015 Subaru Forester sales are hot and a new generation is finding out just how good the multi-purpose SUV really is for recreation.


Subaru continues to set records here in their number one global market, the U.S., and the new-generation Forester is a big reason why. The 2015 Subaru Forester has just had its best November ever, and has had 16 consecutive months of more than 10,000 Foresters sold. Forester is up 31.19 percent year-to-date as consumers are buying more of the all-wheel-drive SUVs.

The Subaru Forester SUV has passed the Outback wagon in sales as the brands number one vehicle in the lineup. Outback has been the volume leader up until the Forester was completely redesigned in 2014. With the new upgrades, Forester has been a big hit with buyers looking for a multi-purpose family vehicle. A new active generation is using the new-generation mid-size SUV for commuting during the week and recreation on the weekends.

Forester enthusiasts know

Forester enthusiasts have known for years how good the small four-door SUV is for recreation and off-road fun on the weekends. But a new generation of buyers who have never purchased a Subaru vehicle before are finding out just how versatile the Forester is. Subaru designed the Forester for much more than just commuting to work and running to the store.

Forester’s low center of gravity

Because of the tall ride height of SUV’s, they have a very high center of gravity and it handicaps SUV’s severely in how they can maneuver when taken off-road. Subaru’s boxer engine sits low in the chassis and contributes greatly to Foresters ability to handle extreme trails and off-road recreation. But Forester fans have known this for years.

Superior off-road capabilities

Subaru’s Symmetrical all-wheel-drive has been tested all over the globe in the worst conditions. It can handle, snow, ice, mud and with the new X-Mode, Forester will go just about anywhere its owner wants to take it. Forester offers good ground clearance and can navigate extreme conditions better than any other small SUV on the market. 

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Building quality off-road multi-purpose vehicles is what Subaru does. The 2015 Forester is the compact SUV in their lineup that performs like all their recreation-minded vehicles. It benefits from years of experience Subaru has building these niche market vehicles.

2015 Subaru Forester sales are up and a new generation of recreation enthusiasts are finding out what Forester enthusiasts have known for years, that Forester is the ideal multi-purpose vehicle for recreation and getting away from civilization.