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Many buyers left first love to buy sexy 2014 Mercedes CLA

The all-new 2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class is winning many new customers from other brands. Why are they choosing the new Mercedes?


Many 2014 Mercedes-Benz buyers are leaving their first love and purchasing a Mercedes-Benz for the very first time. What is drawing them away from a brand they love? Mercedes says that the sexy new 2014 CLA-Class wins one out of every two customers from another brand. Many buyers fall in love with their car just because it was their very first car. Others have fallen in love with a brand over the years and don’t change easily. This is the way many auto buyers are. They love a brand and then stick with it until something very special comes along.

The all-new 2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class has much to love about it and it’s no surprise many are choosing to leave their brand for the new four-door coupe. The CLA features a sexy new exterior styling that looks like a coupe. It’s appealing to a new younger generation of buyers who have never purchase a Mercedes vehicle before. The average age is 10-15 years younger than their current demographic.

Who has the most brand loyalty among luxury car buyers? According to a recent study by, they found that Mercedes-Benz had the highest percentage of buyers at 54 percent, who are most loyal to their brand. Mercedes is followed by BMW (51%), Lexus (46%), Cadillac (45%), Audi (42%), and Acura (41%).

According to the study, brand affinity and quality/reliability are the top reasons loyalists stay with their brand. Of all the reasons cited for brand loyalty, significantly more females stay loyal to a luxury brand because they are loyal to a dealership. When loyalty is analyzed by age group, age 55+ have a strong affinity for the brand and are more likely to stay loyal as a result, whereas younger luxury vehicle owners are more likely to change brands due to quality/reliability issues.

The Mercedes CLA is drawing a large number of younger customers from one of the other luxury brands. Price, body style, and brand affinity are the top three reasons defectors choose a different brand. There was very little difference among the reasons for defection between men and women according to the study.

The six makes that comprise the study are considered premium luxury brands and tend to have strong overall images. The notable strengths about Mercedes-Benz emerged during the study based on the perception of their drivers. Mercedes-Benz owners perceive the brand as being the most “prestigious.” Many younger buyers are being drawn to the all-new 2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA because of this prestigious image. Whatever it is, it’s working for the German automaker.