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Video: Man With Toyota Prius Tiny House: "More Room Than I Need"

See how one man lives and thrives in his Toyota Prius Tiny Home.


Water, power, refrigerator, pantry, kitchen, safe, bedroom. One Prius owner who lives in his car made it all happen. And not only does this Prius driver live in his car by choice, as you can see from his attitude, he's loving life.

Prius Tiny Home Choice
The Prius is a crazy choice for a tiny house given the minivan and panel van options. Or is it? As the video shows, this owner has more than enough space. He actually travels with room left in his locking, roof-mounted storage compartment and had plenty of room in his fridge on the day he filmed the video tour.

Prius Tiny Home Power
What impressed us most was the power system. A roof-mounted solar panel can not only charge his electronic devices via two portable USB ports, but he also has an inverter and can run small 115 Volt appliances. See how he dries his clothes and you will be impressed.

Prius Tiny Home Modifications
Aside from the external and internal additions the owner made to his Prius, he made one big deletion inside. He removed the rear seats. This made his bedroom area much more practical and also freed up a lot of room for a pantry and locking storage area.

Prius Tiny House Living - Biggest Challenge
We asked Jordan what the biggest challenge was when living out of a Prius. We expected to hear "Finding a spot to camp" or something related to the car, but he surprised us. Jordan says, "The biggest challenge is that with a nomadic lifestyle focused on exploring new urban areas, the lack of consistency makes me struggle to stick to a routine. A good routine is a potent way to support a nice level of physical and mental health and every time I move somewhere new I feel like I'm reinventing the wheel."

Prius Tiny Home Security
One aspect that often goes unmentioned in mobile living is privacy and security. Here, the owner found two unique solutions. The vinyl window wrap he used not only provides privacy but also lowers the thermal heating of his Prius, saving him power and making his home more comfortable. The Prius tiny home has multiple layers of security that go well beyond the door locks, kill switch and alarm the car comes with. We will leave those surprises for the video we hope you will watch.

Story Credit: This video was found by us at the Facebook Toyota Prius Owners' Club and was used in this story with the express permission of the Prius owner in the video.


Spector (not verified)    September 28, 2017 - 10:50PM

It's a car. Living in a car. Not a house, it's a car. And the funk picked up from all that living in said car can't be good. Can we gofund me something so this nice young man can get an apartment or at lease a tiny house where he can maintain the dignity of at least being able to stand upright?