Convertible top saves woman in Mazda Miata
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Video: Convertible top saves woman in Mazda Miata

Were this car a hard-top it is likely this woman and her dog would have died.

Baton Rouge Louisiana has been drenched in feet of rain. Flash floods are surprising drivers and washing cars away under not inches of water, but many feet. The driver of this Mazda Miata will forever be glad that she opted for a soft-top convertible. It saved her life.

As the video shows, when rescuers arrive to help this woman stranded in her Mazda Miata things are bad and getting worse. The car is sinking, and her windows are keeping the water out only temporarily. In just a few moments she will be submerged with no air to breathe.

Rescuers try to smash out the windows of the Miata to create an escape path. That fails. The car is slipping under water, and the woman shouts “Hello? Hello? Oh my, God, I’m drowning!” “Hang on, we’re coming,” the surprisingly calm rescuers say. There is a scramble for a knife, but the Miata is slipping under and further from the boat. That is when one rescuer risks his own safety and plunges in with a knife that has finally been found.

The manner in which this woman – and here dog – are saved would only work ina a soft-top convertible. Watch and see how it ends.

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Mercedes once equipped their vehicles with a driver-side window that was manually operated. All vehicles with power windows should have this as a safety feature. In the past I would purchase a vehicle with manual windows and install a power mechanism on the passenger window - for convenience.