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Used Tesla Buyer's Guide- Why The Normal Rules Don't Apply

Tesla expert Alex Guberman covers a topic that many Tesla fans have been looking for help with – used Tesla buying.

The Tesla Model 3 may be up to four years away for some interested buyers according to Tesla expert Alex Guberman, a three-time Tesla buyer and founder of the Tesla Model S Owners Facebook Club. Alex correctly leads into his newest video by pointing out that many owners want a Tesla Model 3 due to its relatively affordable price, but don’t want to wait.

With used Model S cars now approaching the approximate cost that a new 2018 or 2019 Tesla Model 3 may have, Tesla fans can act now to drive an “affordable” Tesla sedan and then trade for a new Model 3 after the initial rush. This may be a sound move anyway, given the difficulties Tesla has had with early Model S and Model X models (Tesla forums are full of stories on that topic if you want to hear about non-functioning door handles, dead accessory batteries, and the like, but it is old news).

Remember - The 2018 and 2019 Tesla Model 3s won't have the Federal tax deduction.

We won’t re-type Alex’ advice in full here, but we will give you one bit from his video. Alex suggests that buyers considering a used Tesla start first by seeing if an “inventory car” used for demonstrations is available from their local Tesla Showroom (or direct-sales dealership if you are in a state that has one). Alex says that these specific Model S cars are unique in that they can be discounted up to $25K, but still qualify officially as “new cars” that then benefit from lower financing interest rates.

The market for used Teslas is presently a "buyer's market." Tesla owners are reporting disappointing resale values on forums and clubs. On-line car sales websites have lots of inventory. BestRide for example has 16 pages of used Tesla Model S cars for sale (with about 15 cars per viewing page). CarGurus has almost 300 used Model S cars in its listings. There has never been a better time to try to buy a used Model S.

Don’t forget that a lease on a lower trim might also put you in a Tesla Model S now and carry you over to the Model 3’s full launch which is at least two to three years away.

Please note that Alex Guberman produces his Tesla videos independent of Torque News.

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