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Toyotas named the most-fun, the most reliable, and the best-selling all in one month

Yes, Toyota gets a lot of criticism for some of its cars not being all things to all people, but critics forget that Toyota is the company that comes closest to that ideal.

This month Toyota has pretty much hit the trifecta. The new 2015 Toyota Camry is the top selling car in America. Consumer Reports chose the Scion FR-S as the most fun car, and CR also called the Toyota cars the most reliable. Let’s take a look at the Toyotas that won these accolades.

Toyota’s Scion FR-S Sports Car
In its recent grouping of fun cars, the Scion FR-S joined such icons as the Mazda Miata and Porsche Boxster on Consumer Reports’ list of Fun to Drive Sports Cars. The Scion FR-S is not only fun, but affordable, starting in the mid-$20ks. The 2+2 coupe is rear-drive, comes with a manual 6-speed transmission standard, and is well-suited to real-world, legal (mostly) fun. Here’s What Consumer Reports said about the car; “Its low curb weight and optimal weight distribution give it super-agile handling and balance at its limits. In corners, the car turns in promptly, with virtually no body lean. The steering is well weighted, with decent feedback, and the ride is slightly more compliant than the Subaru BRZ.”

Most Reliable Cars
Consumer Reports also recently announced that Lexus and Toyota are the number one and two brands for reliability. This was backed up by many other studies, but notably, one that ranked Toyota and Lexus used cars at the top as well. In its most recent survey the Scion xB, Lexus CT 200h, and ES 30h hybrid all topped their car categories. The Tundra, Highlander and RX also all won their categories for trucks and SUVs. One thing that is fun is never having your car break.

Top Selling Car, 2015 Toyota Camry
The 2015 Camry now comes in a wide variety of flavors and that is part of the reason it is the number one car in America in terms of sales. There are economical versions for homeowners and also fleet buyers. There are well-equipped 4-cylinder family car versions. The reviewers that still call the Camry boring like to ignore the 268 hp V6 version, which if it were a stand-alone model, would rival the sales of Acura and Audi models its size and with similar power. Finally, there is a Camry hybrid that does not act like a hybrid, which also has a price tag under $30k. Camry is the top seller because it meets the needs of more buyers than its peers.

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I absolutely love my Toyota Tacoma 4x4 and my wife's Camry. They are rock solid, dependable and very economical to own. The other thing I like is the bodywork; it's very durable and rust resistant compared to my friend's Ford Fusion.
My 2003 Camry is going strong and I expect to easily exceed 300,000 miles. Toyota does answer the needs of many. I want safe, reliable transportation and that's what Toyota delivers. I respect Toyota and its enduring trait of backing its products. I rely on my car 24/7 and have only been stranded once in 24 years between two Toyotas. Unfortunately, my last Camry tested the five-star crash rating when I was hit by a red light runner. It distributed the energy of the crash precisely as expected. Toyota is simply superb. --Longtime and Lifetime Customer