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Toyota Earns 4 Of Consumer Reports Top 10 Vehicle Picks For 2019 - Is Your Vehicle On The List?

Consumer Reports has picked the top 10 vehicles overall in the U.S. Market and four are Toyotas. Check to see if your vehicle made this exclusive list.


Consumer Reports has just released its 10 Top Picks of 2019 and Toyota dominates the list. Of the ten best picks, Toyota models take four spots. The Avalon Hybrid took the best large car category, Camry Hybrid the best in the midsize category, Prius the best of the Hybrid/electric category, and the Yaris was the best of the small car segment.

Among the remaining six vehicles, only Subaru had more than two wins with the Ascent and Forester each taking their segments. The Ford F-150 was the best truck, BMW X5 was the best luxury crossover, Hyundai Kona the best compact crossover, and the Audi A4 best premium car.

It should be noted that these are not just the ten most reliable vehicles based on owner surveys. That is a separate list. Consumer Reports says about these ten; "When we choose our Top Picks, we highlight the attributes that CR members care about most: Cars that deliver superior reliability and satisfaction over the long haul and push the envelope when it comes to safety, technology, fuel economy, and performance. These are the vehicles that set the standard for the industry."

Safety is an important aspect of vehicle ownership to Consumer Reports. For 2019, only vehicles that come with standard automatic emergency braking were considered for the top ten list. This is perhaps one reason that Toyota did so well. Unlike other automakers, Toyota feels that safety should not be available only to those buyers with deeper pockets and was the first automaker in the industry to move to standard automatic emergency braking on every new model. It is hard to argue that this technology is cost prohibitive. The Yaris has automatic emergency braking and starts under $18K.

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