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New Toyota Supra Won't Look Like This

Those hoping the Toyota FT-1 and the next Supra were related may disappointed.


Rumors that Toyota and BMW are collaborating on a joint venture that will result in a Supra may have more evidence today. The real surprise is that the Supra spotted by a spy photographer is a convertible soft-top, not a coupe. If the body style remains, it would be unclear why the Supra name would apply.

Autoblog has images from KGP Photography that shows a vehicle in winter testing. Autoblog theorizes this is a new Toyota model with a BMW drivetrain. Why Toyota would need a drivetrain from BMW is a complete head-scratcher. Toyota has the new 2.0-liter turbocharged four cylinder engine it uses in the Lexus RC 200t, the 306 hp V6 from the RC 350, and if it wants to go all-in the 467 hp V8 it now puts in the LC 500, RC F and GS F.

All of those above models make us wonder why Toyota would need BMW at all. The RC 350 F-Sport is already about as close a car to the last-generation Supra as could possibly exist. Same size, similar power, rear-drive and same attitude. Why would Toyota need BMW when its Lexus division already has all the hardware it needs? Not to mention the company had the IS 350C coupe/convertible platform to work from if it wanted a convertible Supra.

Hopefully, the mystery will someday be resolved. For now, check out Autoblog’s pictures and tell us what you think.


Mark Day (not verified)    January 25, 2016 - 10:05PM

"All of those above models make us wonder why Toyota would need BMW at all." - Agree. I'm not interested in BMW "reliability". Why dilute Toyota's reliability record?