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New Cooper Cobra Instinct Tires Promise 4-Season High-Performance Handling

Cooper has just released a new tire line. The Cobra Instinct is a high-performance, all-season tire for muscle cars, sports cars, and performance SUVs and CUVs. Here’s what makes this tire special.

Cooper Tire is a division of Goodyear and a brand we’ve been closely watching and testing. Cooper has emerged as a legitimate competitor to Michelin in many segments, and our research shows that Cooper’s prices are often more affordable. New this month is the Cooper Cobra Instinct. This is tire provides hyper-responsive handling, according to Cooper, and applicable to sports cars, muscle cars, and all forms of up-powered SUVs and CUVs.


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What Makes the Cooper Cobra Instinct Special?
While there is no shortage of tire options for fast vehicles, how many have a snakeskin-inspired sidewall design? How many incorporate soybean oil to offset petroleum usage and increase cold weather pliability? 

The Cooper Cobra Instinct offers these main advantages:
Sweeping tread grooves that promote water evacuation in wet conditions.

Asymmetric tread pattern enabling agile traction and handling no matter the season.

Rim protector that helps guard and protect wheels from damage.

A strong, lightweight design for enhanced responsiveness.

What Does Cooper Say About Its New Cobra Instinct?
“Outfitted for a range of high-performance sedans, CUVs, SUVs, and muscle cars, the Cooper Cobra Instinct was built to unlock vehicle performance and deliver confidence and control to drivers behind the wheel,” said Michiel Kramer, director of product marketing at Goodyear. “This tire is designed to keep up with drivers and the quick decisions they make on the road, without sacrificing wet weather performance or sleek design.”

The new Cooper Cobra Instinct is available in 25 sizes ranging from 17” to 20” diameters. Good examples of vehicles that would benefit from the Cobra Instinct are the Chevrolet Camaro, Ford Mustang, Mazda3 Turbo, and Lexus IS.  Tire Rack is one of many retailers now carrying the Cobra Instinct. To check out more details, please visit the Cooper Tire Product Spotlight page

Image of Cobra Instinct tire courtesy of Cooper

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