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Lexus Over the Air Update to Nav System Just Went Badly - Customers Angry

What happens when an automatic update goes haywire?


Last night, or late yesterday, Lexus failed in an attempted to update the software that drives the navigation and infotainment systems in its vehicles. Only recently produced vehicles, perhaps just 2014, 2015, and 2016 models, seem to have been affected. Using the Enform telematics technology, the over-the-air update failed and left many Lexus owners without the use of their navigation, audio, and related systems.

A video and commentary posted to the Lexus RC Club on Facebook were one of the first indications of trouble. Member Joey K. posted up a video showing the screen of his RC cycling from the infuriating legal disclaimer screen to some graphics to the Lexus logo and then repeating endlessly. Joey’s comment said it all.“OMG, What the ****! My navi/radio broke today! WTF Lexus!?” His comments captured the sentiments of many other Lexus owners posting their frustration to social media.

All automakers now have the capability to do simple software updates over the air. Tesla Motors was the pioneer, and the Tesla updates have been very trouble-free. Some customers on Tesla forums did not want a few of the updates related to battery charging rates and such, but they were necessary, and Tesla’s owners love concept of these updates. They see them as progress, modernity, and efficiency. Three things the brand stands for. Lexus has the best reliability rating in the industry. This small glitch is a rare anomaly. (More on Page 2)

Lexus and all automakers spend millions to garner positive comments on social media. This small glitch has undone many of the positive things the brand has done recently. Torque News checked the Lexus US media site and reached out to our contacts for more details. All that is presently available came from our direct contact who told us he would update Torque News soon, but for now all we have is "Owners of certain Lexus vehicles are experiencing navigation system outages. We are working diligently to identify the root cause and rectify this issue. We regret any inconvenience to our customers and are committed to keeping them updated on developments."

Image is a screen shot of a video posted to the Lexus RC Club on Facebook and courtesy of Joey K.


Mark Day (not verified)    June 8, 2016 - 6:11PM

Ignorant, distracting, annoying, "advice" on the Lexus screen. Same with Toyota, and a passenger can't navigate via the screen - it's locked out - even when the screen is functioning normally. Manufactures taking more and more control over the vehicle and displaying for all to see - control with ignorance. Did I buy it or is it just a loaner? See also on-board event data recorders.