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Lexus Discontinues CT 200h Hybrid - What Popular Premium Electric Vehicles Has It Outsold?

Lexus is retiring the 5-door CT-200h hybrid. A look back at one of the most successful premium green cars ever built.


There will be no 2018 model year Lexus CT 200h in the U.S. Market. Arguably the most popular premium green car ever sold, it will continue on in other markets until a new hybrid with more of a crossover vibe takes its place globally. The answer to our question in the title is “All of them.”

Since its 2011 introduction, the Lexus CT 200h numerically ranks as one of the top-selling premium green vehicles in history. As of late 2017, the CT 200h has sold about 194,000 units globally and about 92,000 units in the U.S. alone. These sales numbers are very similar to the Tesla Model S. There are really no other premium green cars with numbers this high.

In 2017, the U.S. sales of the CT have slowed as Lexus winds down its production. Through September, the CT 200h has sold 6,883 units in the U.S. and September’s sales were just 91 units, down from 638 in September of last year. Still, the Lexus CT 200h has surpassed the combined sales of the BEV and REX BMW i3 this year. The Lexus CT 200h also outsold the BMW 330e and Audi A3 Sportback e-tron by more than two to one. These are all vehicles in the premium compact green car market. The CT 200h has also outsold the Tesla Model 3 since its introduction three months ago.

Similar to the Prius in its drivetrain design, the Lexus CT 200h was one of the first premium green cars to be successful, and possibly the only one ever to have been profitable for its manufacturer. Watch for the Lexus UX Concept to mature into a hybrid replacement for the CT 200h in the next model year or two.