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Lexus UX Subcompact Crossover Concept Looks Edgy

Lexus wild styling continues to drive sales and now new model designs.


Lexus didn’t pass BMW and Audi in sales by keeping things conservative. Nope. Instead the company adopted polarizing good looks that divide those who see it into two camps. First, the non-Lexus fans who instead of criticizing the company for boring designs, now opt for insulting the looks of its far-from-boring vehicles. The second camp is the Lexus buyers. They love the look and sales literally doubled on the IS sports sedan when the edgy new look arrived.

The next new model for Lexus will be a subcompact crossover. Dubbed the UX Concept it will be shown at the Paris Auto Show in just three weeks. Lexus doesn’t mess around. Its concepts cars almost always pre-date the actual new model by less than a year. Unlike most automakers who tease out a great new vehicle and then let it languish for years, Lexus puts their concepts out late and then builds – and sells – the vehicles. We would not be surprised to see this concept enter in 2017 as a model year 18 vehicle.

The UX has a crossover coupe look now becoming the fashion. Lexus says it is taking its“… bold design language to the next level.” We applaud Lexus doubling down on the sharp, good looks. More readers will write in calling the vehicle ugly, which will drive up those stories’ popularity and sales will follow just as they did for the IS, RC, GS, and RX when the style changes were applied.

There is no news on the new vehicle regarding power or size, but with the NX already smaller than the NX, our guess would be this is smaller than NX and will have a smaller than 2.0-liter turbocharged engine, along with a hybrid drivetrain. Lexus remains the sales total leader in green cars and won’t miss a chance to offer a low-emissions, high-efficiency version of the UX. We will update our coverage after the September 29th reveal.