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Lexus Begins New Subscription Service This Year With 2019 UX Urban Crossover

Lexus will debut its new subscription service in conjunction with the release of its new urban crossover, the UX.


The all-new 2019 Lexus UX "urban" subcompact crossover will go on sale late this year in December according to Lexus. When it debuts, the new UX will be the pilot vehicle for a new Lexus subscription service. This service will be an added way for owners to drive the UX iin conjunction with a purchase or lease.

Many brands have recently moved to subscription services in limited markets. Caddilac started its Book By Cadillac subscription service in New York City and has since expanded it to other areas.Subscription services are targeted at wealthy vehicle drivers who want a simplified vehicle experience and are willing to pay for that. Typically, all of the aspects of vehicle ownership possible are handled by the subscription company. Maintenance, registration, insurance, and state inspections are all handled by the company and included in the subscription costs.

By starting with just one vehicle, Lexus seems to be differing from Cadillac who promotes all of the vehicles in the Cadillac line as part of the services offered. That allows drivers to switch up the vehicle based on needs.

With a few other brands having already blazed this trail, Lexus will benefit from seeing what has been working, what customers like and dislike,and can tailor its services towards meeting the needs of its customers.

Lexus UX Quick Facts:
The new "urban" crossover will be powered by both conventional and hybrid drivetrains, both with outstanding efficiency. The UX will replace the CT 200h hybrid in the Lexus lineup and will be slotted under the NX in the crossover family. Lexus has stressed the "urban" target market in its prior press releases.