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Here's How much More You Will Pay For the 2019 Miata RF With The New Better Engine

Mazda has announced its Miata RF prices for 2019. Here is how much of a price bump to expect due to the new changes.


Mazda has just announced prices for its MX-5 Miata RF for 2019. As readers may have seen in our earlier report, Mazda has made substantive changes to the Miata line for 2019. The engine has been given a big bump in power making the 2019 the most powerful Miata ever produced by Mazda. There are also new colors for some trims and a telescoping wheel will help more drivers fit better.

The quick answer to how much more owners will pay for the 2019 vs. the current 2018 model is "about $500." That is based strictly on the MSRP of course. One might assume that Mazda dealers holding onto 2018 models once the 2019s start to arrive will be pretty motivated to move the "low-powered" 2018 Miatas off the lot.

We're not the type of publication that pretends MSRP is what owners actually pay for vehicles. Unless of course, it is one of the Teslas that everyone pays full price for. But, using the 2018 and 2019 MSRPs, we can compare the two and get a feel for the increase in price one might expect.

For 2018 the Miata RF Club with the manual transmission had an MSRP before options of $31,910. For 2019 that price will bump up to $32,345. An increase of $435. The Grand Touring trim with the manual transmission had a price in 2018 of $32,750 before any options. For 2019, that will increase to $33,335. An increase of $585. Keep in mind these prices do not include destination and delivery charges of about $1,000.

One new trim for the RF this coming year is the GTS Package. This adds the shock tower brace, limited slip Diff. and Bilstein dampers that the Club trim gets. The Grand Touring would be our choice and if we liked the ride of the RF with the Bilstein dampers we would add the GTS Package.

The new Miata for 2019 will have 181 hp up from 155hp. Read more about the other changes in our new 2019 Miata focus story.